Punk isn't "all about the music". Punk isn't beating up people you don't like. Punk is rebelling against what you don't believe in. Punk is the DIY ethic. You are not a punk if you shop at Hot Topic. No, rephrase that, you aren't a punk if you claim to be one BECAUSE of the fact that you shop at Hot Topic. Many people say punk is not buying into big corporations. True, but its okay to give in every once in a while. Punk is not being a total asshole to everyone you see, and excluding people because they aren't "punk" enough. Punk is all about being you, not what MTV tells you to be.

And no, having a mohawk doesn't make you punk. Neither does watching SLC Punk.
Ignorant twit wearing Simple Plan shirt: Oh my god, I look totally punx rawks right now!!
Me: ...Are you stupid?
Ignorant twit: Whatever, you just wish you were a real punk.
Me: Jebus, you probably don't even know what DIY stands for. Pathetic...
Ignorant twit: Whatever, I have a Good Charlotte concert to go to.
Me: And I have a Bloodclots show to go to. Off with you!
by ThePunkRockKid March 28, 2009
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punk is not a style, it is not wearing as many braclets as you can fit on your arm or spiking your hair. It is not about dressing in stripes or in Torn-up clothes or even how many times you've rammed a needle inside yourself. It is the way you live and breathe your life.
sex pistols and ramones are punk rock. that stupid emo crap you hear...AFI for instance would NOT be punk......so quit complaining about punk rock music being for fags until you learn what it is!
by Sabrina Lorentz May 05, 2007
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1. Originally a prison term for a guy who was at the receiving end of anal sex.

2. A term used to describe a movement within rock 'n' roll among bands that have a rougher, more immediate edge.
1. Chris was afriad to drop the soap in the shower lest he end up as Bubba's punk.

2. Reggie likes to listen to punk rock.
by OneBadAsp October 22, 2006
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1. Punk is not fashion
2. Punk is not "trendy"
3. Punk is NOT emo
4. Time for the REAL definition of Punk

A punk is a very defiant and rebellious individual who rebeled against moderen society, many have descirbed punks as "violent freaks" who go around kicking each others asses, well thats a steriotype, punk isnt something you find in a hot topic store, its not traded bought or sold, its DIY(do it yourself) thinking for youself, it also influenced many subcultures, Most punks soldout about the age of 27 becuase they realized Life isn't fair, noone cares wut you have 2 say, you need money to support your habits, and their friends moved on, sad subs like this only lasted from 78 ta 92, and that punks need money for such miscellaneas behavior

Now for the Music:

Punk music isnt Greenday, Good Charlotte, did i mention Blink 182? its not All Time Low, i could go on and on and on

Punk Rawk is all about having fun YOUR WAY doing things YOUR WAY not some love song, Punk Rawk is teeing off, speaking your mind, believing in your lyrics, knowing that way your living in is complete shit, Bands that made punk wat it was are bands like Minor Threat, Sex Pistols, TSOL, Angry Samoans, Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Decendents, very fast paced, playing your own style not love rifts, Punk is fast its hardcore and DAM its mean did i mention it was Hardcore? it came right at ya, above all Punk is Chaos balls out CHASO!! no rules wat so ever, its DIY its a Political Movement, YOUR OWN WAY!!!!!


Punk: stfu trendy posuer yer not apart of our rebellioun, go home and piss off before me and buds here kick yer ass

Posuer: Imma poser look at yerself you got that EAZY E blasting in you speakers SELLOUT!

Punk: I like Easy E and Minor Threat, i think i hear your mother calling GO HOME!

10 years later after the incident:

Punk's friends: dude i gotta move on, getta job wife and kids mabey im selling out dude life isnt a party

Average Joe: Yer right man im low stacks i think imma enroll myself in college before its to late, Keep in touch?

Punk's Friends: keep in touch

*bouth go seperate ways, and become the exact opposite of wat they use ta be*
by Veteren_Child September 08, 2010
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I would like to start this by saying that I wasnt alive in the seventies and I never got the chance to see the likes of The Pistols, The Clash or even The Ramones. This is simply my opinion.

I think that:

Punk is a loud, fast, often anti-establishment type of music. It was influenced by and has influenced many different types of music. It started in the seventies and was popularized by The Clash, Sex Pistols and the Ramones. Punk is not an image it is a belief and a lifestyle as well as a type of music.

Since the end of the seventies it has become impossible to truly define becuase it gave birth to so many different forms of music such as indie, goth, hardcore, emo, punk pop etc. Because of this a sort of "punk snobbery" has developed, were "true punks" look down upon others for not being around in that era.

Definately Punk: Sex Pistols, The Clash, Ramones

A little bit Punk: The Jam, Blondie, Green Day

Not Punk: Avril Lavine, Good Charlotte, Elliot Minor
Punk is not a fashion sense and it should not be an opportunity to look down on people because they are just beggining to get into Punk with "softer bands" like The Jam or Green Day.
by Punkisdead June 15, 2007
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fuck you, u cant describe punk, it is not wat people today call it, it is punk and that is what it is
good times at punk concerts
by mohawk man March 21, 2007
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