To be in danger.
He was jeopardized when near the summit of Mount Everest
by eagle365 February 26, 2018
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to risk or threaten something dangerously
you jeopardize your futer
by sarah947 August 29, 2006
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(N.)1. Ability to recall correct answers while blanking out when pressed for elaboration and explanation. 2. Such an affliction, common primarily among Ivy League students at foreign universities and stateside.
Prof. Du Bois(at La Sorbonne): "Ah, yes, Moose, Aaron Burr is the correct answer. But can you tell me which political post he held in U.S. political history?

Moose: "Duh, political post? Uh, uh...uh, how'm I supposed to know that??!!

Prof. Du Bois: Tell me, Moose, do you suffer from Jeoparditis?
by Alleycat1969 February 19, 2012
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At one time, the more acceptable form of jeopardize. A verb meaning "to put in jeopardy."

Could also be a much better name for the hybridized jaguar and leopard compared to the commonly accepted leguar, lepjag, and jagulep. I mean, c'mon, zoologists. Are you even trying?

Warning: do NOT pronounce this word like leotard.
Knowing very little trivia is bound to jeopard my chances of winning this game show.
by well isn't that just something October 21, 2018
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The type of person you’d love too be around. A gorgeous brown-haired love boy whose enigmatic presence brightens all eyes
I’d love too kiss ‘Jeopard’ he’s that good looking
by Bit rooster November 23, 2021
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