Politely leaving a party while fairly sober. Often enacted by asking if anyone needs anything. adjacent to an 'Irish Goodbye.'
I thought that chump was too drunk to drive but I realized he was fine what he did that Canadian Goodbye.
by Doctor Ubuntu Palindrome May 27, 2015
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The act of sending a false dick pic that is bigger and less ugly than your own, with the goal of impressing a girl and hoping she doesn't notice the difference.
Juhi, he totally dickfished me! It was definitely not the same dick from the pictures!
by Seth G. June 17, 2017
Everything this person does annoys you, even something as simple as eating crackers.
Taken from the meme, your BEC is that person who you can't stand.
Kim: Look at Erica over there reading that book, so annoying.

Jules: dude, she's just reading, you just think it's annoying because she's your Bitch Eating Crackers.

Kim: yea, but look at her flipping the pages and shit.
by fluffyacat December 16, 2015
A physique that is not appealing to the naked eye until it is flexed or uncovered, normally someone that looks small but big when flexing.
Lol look at Oscar he’s so fucking puny, oh shit damn look at that sleeper build who would’ve thought ?!
by BabyZay September 27, 2022
an adjective describing something done continuously, derived from the final instructions on a shampoo bottle
Having an infant is a continuous cycle of the mundane. Feed, change, put to bed, entertain, rinse repeat.
Person 1: Did you hear that the Bush administration is pushing for another surge into Iraq? And this time should be the last one.
Person 2: Sure, why not. Rinse repeat.
by ChuckChaser69 March 4, 2008
Slang or codewords that arise from the need to hide from content moderation on social media. Sometimes involves using numbers or special characters instead of letters or using different words that sound similar to the intended word.
unalive is a popular algospeak word that means kill
by CetusLapetus April 8, 2022