1. Propaganda released by police or sheriff's departments which present a rosey view of what police work entails.
2. Images of police officers rescuing kittens from trees and fixing children's bicycles.
3. Articles written about "hero" cops who save lives but ignore all of the tazer deaths and corruption in the unit.
4. The group think or gang mentality that is displayed by some members of the police force which asserts that police can do no wrong and are therefore above the laws they are supposed to enforce.
Did you see that copaganda film that showed officers recieving awards for helping elderly people to cross the street?

Yes I did - too bad they didn't get an award for tazering my unarmed brother to death.
by TWP (typical white person) October 15, 2009
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to say something too far or someone that acts so goofy that no definition can express
girl: your dad is sooo hot!
me: stop that's disgusting.
girl: noo I would fuck the shit outta him!
me: never say that again, that was just out of pocket...
by Dessyyy October 28, 2019
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(see also woowoo) adj. descriptive of an event or person espousing New Age theories such as energy work, crystal magic, Reiki, bizarrely restrictive diets, or supernatural/paranormal/psychic occurrences; often has studied in an authentic religious tradition such as Hinduism or Zen Buddhism, but now practices an Eastern-influenced yet severely watered-down and Westernized pseudo-mysticism; can also be a synonym for sketchy, probably because Santa Fe, NM and Sedona, AZ, self-proclaimed woo-woo capitals of the world, also have a large and skeptical rock climbing population
She's so woo-woo she put a rose quartz crystal and Bach Flower Essences in her cat's water dish.

That yoga retreat looks completely woo-woo to me.
by Jennifer Lowe October 1, 2005
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A term that is a synonym for the word "Rigged" coined by Alyssa Edwards during RPDR AS2.
"If I don't win the pageant after doing better then everyone else, this is rigga morris"
by cece & piper February 23, 2017
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Simply being ready/in the mood to just senselessly hate on someone/something .

Up-To-Hate is a unique combination of words similar to Up-To-Date, but instead of the meaning being well informed about an event, topic or person it means that you are ready to hate on someone or something in order to keep them in place, cope with something or just because you feel like being an asshole towards others.
Person 1: Are you ready to hate on some of Tim’s posts?

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: he’s been acting like he’s better than us after he got that A+ on the last Chemistry test, so I’m feeling pretty Up-To-Hate for him.

Person 2: True, well I guess a little mocking will bring our Tim back.
by Kienlolz April 27, 2022
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