Oct 20
National skip school/ work day. On this day you can skip whatever you like and not get in trouble for it
Person 1: Hey tomorrow is October 20th you know what that means...

Person 2: yep, I’ll be sleeping all day cause I’m skipping everything
by Mark litbro October 16, 2019
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Oct 19
National confess your love day ;) The only day you can confess your feelings to that one person. Don’t be shy 🥵
On October 19 my life changed forever...Nicole really did have a fat crush on me.
by Lexi2Sexi October 16, 2019
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Oct 18
A day where you will either:

Kiss your crush/bf/gf
Slap someone’s ass
Ask your crush out
All of the above
On October 18 watch out for all of the following.
by slapassdaddy283 October 14, 2019
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Oct 17
national girl hug a boy day ,, girls get to hug any boy they want :)
"Nation Girl Hug a Boy day is October 17!"
by longlivejoe October 13, 2019
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Oct 16
This word can be used as a verb to indicate checking the validity of a suspect story. It is derived from the online urban legend reference site: www.snopes.com.
That sounds fake. You should snopes it.


She told me a story about a friend of a sorority sister who had a huge pimple that eventually exploded hundreds of baby spiders on her face, but I snopesed it, and that story is just an urban legend.
by Nacho November 04, 2004
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Oct 15
A joint that is wrapped with bible page/pages
Jake: Look at this joint bro
Jack: Woah bro is that a hell joint

Jake: Yeah Bro
Jack: Dude your going to hell!

5mins in
Jake: Give it here
Jack: One sec let me just get to this paragrapgh
by Mr long duck April 08, 2017
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Oct 14
The recently released texts exchanged between the US government and the Ukrainian representative that exposes government-backed extortionists doing their high-powered criminal thing.
It’s a trumpian treasure trove that will lead straight to draining the US government swamp!
via giphy
by Dr Bunnygirl October 04, 2019
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