Apr 25
/me trading legit windforce clean no socket, no noob offers
nr = nt /m *Pepsi_Corp
by Andy February 08, 2004
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Apr 24
Nend Sudes is A way of saying Send Nudes But The First letters are interchanged

Send Nudes
Nend Sudes
Nend Sudes
(receives nudes)
by DjDorian1 October 17, 2017
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Apr 23
A word used by mainly South Londoners. It's the shorter version of 'bruvva' which is a slang variation of 'brother'
Ez mate. You alright, bruv?
by TheCheekyOne April 26, 2006
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Apr 21
When someone is so fucked up from a variety of drugs that they become immobile or it becomes extremely difficult to move.
Yo that nigga schlumped off the oxys and that Killa kush bro.
by bootyhunter9686 October 13, 2016
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Apr 20
poli-tick: Noun - A person that enters a political career for personal gain at the expense of everyone else. A parasite on the political system that causes no good.
That tool in the white house is a typical politick, lining his pockets with the cash and tax credits.
by Chatmando October 26, 2004
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Apr 19
to take a Xanax pill. Xanax is often referred to as a bar.
"Hey Rich, wanna bar out?"
"Yeah man, lets get f*cked up tonight!"
by BrandonX April 24, 2006
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