Aug 12
When you receive a text and your phone is resting against your genitals, causing the vibration to massage your package.
"What was that face, dude"
"I just got the nicest text massage from my Blackberry"
by VPforVP April 18, 2012
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Aug 11
In bowling, one is said to have been decacucked if he knocks down all of the pins except the ten (deca) pin in one roll.
“Decacucked!” Said Ryan, as he walked away from the lane after missing the ten pin
by Rollerblader69 August 07, 2018
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Aug 9
think about it!!! someone isnt paying attention, and you have said something 100 gabillion times!!
by steve k November 07, 2004
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Aug 8
A friend who is there for you when your down, but is no where to be seen when your happy.
He is a foul-weather friend, he is always there for me but I never see him when I’m happy.
by Jennifer the yowie hunter August 06, 2018
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