Italian-American slang for heartburn but it can also mean mental aggravation.

The word is Italian-American slang derived from the Italian "agitare" meaning "to agitate.

Found an article about one of the stars of The Sopranos who's working on a new movie about feuding pizza parlor owners. The title: "Agida." ...
"Eew, I've got agida." (swallows) "Give some soda now, YUCK!"
by Esmee June 23, 2005
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A picture of the head of someones penis typically sent as an alternative to the more popular ballsack pic. A "tip pic" begs the question, why?
"Jacob just sent me a tip pic"
by Skamalam May 10, 2023
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Boymoders are transwomen who attempt to present as male while transitioning with feminizing hormones. Due to social anxiety, they're often afraid of showing any outward signs of femininity while being completely unaware that everyone can notice the changes. You can generally find them wearing oversized hoodies and women's skinny jeans regardless of the weather.
"The boymoder tried to cover her breasts with a baggy hoodie, oblivious to how visible they were through it."
by Suit Pepe September 22, 2020
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Menhera (メンヘラ) is a Japanese slang term refering to people that are suffering from mental illness or are in need of mental health care. It is derived from the words "mental", "health", and the suffix "er", meaning "mental healther". Originally, it was born in 2channel's mental health board as a nickname for its users. Due to the negative stigma associated with mental health and illness, it is sometimes abused in a discriminating manner. However, in the recent years, it has evolved into a mental health awareness subculture that tries to change the view on mental health in Japan.
"My sister is beautiful, cheerful, bright, and homely", but she is actually a Menhera girl.
by Kurumi Nanase October 21, 2020
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The ability to turn everything one touches to shit.

The phrase is a mash up of the King Midas myth of being cursed that everything he touched turned to gold and mierdas, which is the spanish word for shit.

There is some controversy as to whether the object touched was already a piece of shit with an exceedingly thin veneer of gold plating, where the Mierdas Touch serves only to reveal the subject's true nature versus the Mierdas Touch actually turning any object into shit, even if it was previously unblemished.
The doctor was beloved by all until he was touched the Mierdas Touch, wherein, it came to light that the doctor was constantly drunk, mis-prescribed drugs, and belittled underlings.
by 10aflyGuy April 27, 2018
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A young man who is a healthy specimen (no drinking, smoking, drugs, possibly vegan) and is hired by an tech billionaire to be a source of youthful, healthy blood for him, via regular transfusions.
After failing to find a good job in tech, Blaine resorted to becoming a blood boy for Larry Ellison.
by anthnerd September 11, 2017
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The upstairs neighbors' cats are careening across your bedroom ceiling, ogres are thrashing through their kitchen, their toilet is gradually sinking through the floor above your computer, your roommate is cooking with excessive fish sauce to the Beastie Boys, a wailing train barrels through the park across the street.
This is stereovision chaos.
by anorlondo69 May 23, 2023
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