Aug 18
(verb) welled up, welling up

To begin to form tears. The incipient and ofttimes unfinished stage of crying; water begins to accumulate within the eyes, without necessarily doing so in such abundance as to form rolling tears.
Man, I watched your video and just fuckin' welled up. And I do not well up for nothing.
by Kurisuchan June 25, 2016
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Aug 17
A common Southernism refering to a pain, spasm, or strain in a joint such as a neck, back, or knee.
I have a crick in my neck.
by Michael McQuaig October 30, 2003
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Aug 16
A Friday on which you refuse all requests and deny all favors, instead cursing out the person who is asking.
You: Hey self, it's another Fuck-You Friday.

Jim: (enters) Can you help me with this report?

You: Not today pal. Fuck you.
by rushoffailure December 29, 2006
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Aug 15
It's the stage in middle/high school where you aren't quite dating yet, but you've both established that you like each other. It's exclusive but not completely yet.
"Are you dating Stacy?" "No but we have a thing"
by idontevencareno June 22, 2016
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Aug 14
Noun (Uncountable)
1-Someone who hates everything and everyone.

2-Someone who shows hatrey and contempt to everything and everyone. Feels that everything is worthless/beneath consideration.
He's such a misomaniac ,he complains about everything !
Why do you hate all my friends, are you a misomaniac ?
I discovered that I'm a misomaniac , I'm disgusted of all society.
by Sarcastic Misomaniac January 27, 2017
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Aug 12
To "fade" someone is essentially the same as beating someone, be it singularly or in a group. The phrase "run a fade" is usually used during a confrontation, or if the confrontation is planned. To "run" said fade means that the belligerent parties will meet at another location to fight, or if one party is asking the other if they want the fight to start right then and there.
"I ain't even playin' with you or your boys' shit no more. You wanna run a fade or not?"
by PregnantPickle October 16, 2005
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