Jun 26
A concentration camp, detention facility, or prison used to house innocent people, especially children.

Prisoners are kept in cages, or in some cases tents in extreme heat. No contact with relatives is allowed. Children are occasionally injected with anti-psychotic medications to keep them sedated.
"The crying child was ripped from her mother's arms and taken to a cage in a Trump Hotel."
by ImpeachTrump June 21, 2018
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Jun 25
The past tense of the verb fuck. Also used to express a general state of incapability.
We are so fuct!

She fuct me like a dog in heat!

That's fuct up!

(Rural definition) Hey maw, I just fuct yer best frind.
by Charlie White January 27, 2003
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Jun 24
Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist. That group of feminists that claims that trans women aren't really women, as biological determinism is only a fallacy when it used against them, not when they use it against others.
Isn't it mindboggling that the Royal College of Psychiatrists would invite a TERF like Julie Bindel to come talk at a study day on transgenderism and transsexuality? That's like inviting Fred Phelps to come deliver the keynote at a gay pride.
by zmas March 15, 2011
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Jun 23
A hypothetical singular form of the noun secks. A round of sexual intercourse is composed of infinitely many secks, much like the area under a curve in integral calculus is composed of infinitely many line segments. The use of "seck" is hypothetical because it is impossible to give or receive only one seck.
There are no examples of isolated secks because, while their existences are mathematically deducible, they are physically unobservable.
by Suineder February 05, 2010
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Jun 21
An abbreviation for "disqualified." Comes from the acronym DQ, and has been shortened to Deek.
"How did your race go?"
"Not well, I got deeked"

"Hey be careful on your start, they might deek you"
by glassjar October 22, 2008
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Jun 19
Letting it all hang out with your friends in natural outdoor hot springs. No clothing or swimsuits needed. When you drop dong with your best buds, your life will change.
We took a trip out into the mountains and went to drop dong and watch the sunrise over the snow capped peaks.
by the_jamin_rock April 23, 2017
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Jun 15
grinfucking - the act of being (pretending to be) really nice to someone's face and then turning around and stabbing them in the back

past tense: "grinfucked"

related: "grinfucker" - one who commits such acts
Laura told me she loved my outfit, then told Mike I dressed like a whore; I can't believe she grinfucked me like that. What a grinfucker.
by ckd December 05, 2003
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