A term that is a synonym for the word "Rigged" coined by Alyssa Edwards during RPDR AS2.
"If I don't win the pageant after doing better then everyone else, this is rigga morris"
by cece & piper February 23, 2017
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Simply being ready/in the mood to just senselessly hate on someone/something .

Up-To-Hate is a unique combination of words similar to Up-To-Date, but instead of the meaning being well informed about an event, topic or person it means that you are ready to hate on someone or something in order to keep them in place, cope with something or just because you feel like being an asshole towards others.
Person 1: Are you ready to hate on some of Tim’s posts?

Person 2: Why?

Person 1: he’s been acting like he’s better than us after he got that A+ on the last Chemistry test, so I’m feeling pretty Up-To-Hate for him.

Person 2: True, well I guess a little mocking will bring our Tim back.
by Kienlolz April 27, 2022
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A scandal involving Elon Musk
"Have you heard about the Elongate?"
"No, what's it about?"
by xX_children_eater_69_Xx April 2, 2021
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When a "friend" refers to a period in time where they are THINKING about leaving but could actually arrive in anywhere from 1 to 6 hours (usually later than sooner).
Garret: Don't worry man, on my way !

*3 hours later*

Garret arrives
by FactorySP May 26, 2017
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Fictosexuality is the sexual attraction towards fictional characters.
Guy: hey, do you know Wendy?
Girl: isn't she fictosexual?
Guy: yeah, she has a crush on that guy L from death note
by LaW December 31, 2013
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repackaging the same shit and selling it off as something new
Example 1

John: hey dude, WoW 3.3 just came out, there's new stuff
Dave: fuck that, its just blizzard sameshitting again
by Folka Boo Larry December 16, 2009
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A casual affirmative response that someone can use if they do not want to be wholly committed or if the answer is subject to change.
"Hey do you want to go see a movie tonight?" "I want to, but I may be too tired when the time comes, so I'm gonna say a soft yes"
by liveloveoprah July 30, 2017
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