Dec 19
To use social media for the purpose of attracting potential mates while still in a relationship through the use of scandalous photos.

Similar to how a pilot light remains ready to ignite the furnace at all times.
Dude, did you see that chicks Instagram, she’s totally pilot lighting her boyfriend.
by Speakyourtruth December 16, 2018
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Dec 18
Another term for "lets get this bread" meaning grain=bread=money also grain can literally be anything
by Littlemeowmeowsupporter December 16, 2018
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Dec 17
Someone who tells the cops vital information that leads to an arrest of another person
that nigga cody ratted on joe we should fuck him up
by mikeykay October 29, 2006
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Dec 16
The slot in a cell door in jail or prison in which to pass food, mail or other items through.
Prisoner: Pass my food through the bean hole, man. I'm hungry.
by Gohan Barracuda January 02, 2018
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Dec 15
Someone who farts in the bath tub and the bites the bubbles; can be more than one person biting each other's bubbles
Bob and Jim were fronking in the pool. Bob and Jim are fronks.
by Fronkenstein July 07, 2014
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Dec 14
When you get more responsibility at work but no raise.
Person 1- "Oh wow Daves the supervisor now"

Person 2- "Yeah but he still makes the same as us"

Person 1- " Ha, looks like he got a millennial promotion"
by Shmavery December 10, 2018
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Dec 13
Using utra small dosages not to trigger a psychotropic effect
We didn't want to get high or feel out of sorts, so we took turns nano-dosing
by TheJfag December 11, 2018
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