"Gob" is a quaint English term of endearment that is often used to express one's deep affection and commitment to their significant other. This term is typically used when one wants to express their desire to nourish and sustain their partner for a lifetime. The term "gob" is derived from the Old English word "gobba," which means "mouthful," and is often associated with the act of feeding someone.

When someone says "my gob," they are essentially saying that they want to provide for their loved one and take care of their every need, particularly when it comes to food. It's a term that is deeply rooted in the idea of nurturing and caring for one another, and it's often used to express the depth of one's love and devotion.

So if you ever hear someone refer to their partner as "my gob," you can be sure that they are expressing their desire to care for and provide for their loved one for the rest of their days. It's a sweet and sentimental term that truly embodies the meaning of true love and commitment.
person: you're my gob
person 2: hehe
by Anthony2006 April 22, 2023
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Any revisit of a thing, be it music, art or otherwise, that tries to evoke nostalgia but rings hollow like it's also mocking said thing. A thinly veiled inside joke
Bands like Wet Leg callback like 90's cool but are really mockstalgia because they don't believe it... they're goofing on it
by Pappyrhino February 17, 2023
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Someone who constantly ruins their sleep schedule, through no real fault of their own.
I swear I become such a trash owl when I go to UNI!!
by MOMOTONY123 October 2, 2017
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A yuppie with a social conscience. Someone 'green' who loves the earth as much as money.
Scuppies like to make green as much as they want to protect green...
by Margaret Wilkins November 19, 2007
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In Swahili (the lingua franca of East Africa): someone who wanders without purpose / someone constantly on the move.
It came to be applied to all white people in East Africa, as most were encountered as traders, visiting colonial officials or tourists.
Today, white tourists are often greeted (especially by children) with the cry: "Bye bye mzungu!"
For some reason, they rarely say "Hello mzungu!" when they see one coming...
Child: "Bye bye mzungu!"
Indignant white person: "Listen, it's 'hello mzungu!' - and anyway, I've lived here for 25 years, you cheeky devil."
Child: (pause) "Bye bye mzungu!"
Ugandan Stall-holder: "A bowl of passion fruit? Um... that'll be 3,000 shillings please."
Indignant white person: "Come again? I'm not paying mzungu prices, I've lived here 25 years!" etc. etc.
by Mzungu mulalu April 10, 2008
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An Asian male who has defined, muscular abdominal muscles that look like the subdivided parts of a chocolate bar.
The guys in the Korean pop group Big Bang have sexy chocolate abs.
by boingasldfi May 6, 2010
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The term one uses when a person develops a strong emotional attachment towards a machine or a robot.
Jimmy was so upset when his furby died, he obviously was suffering from the tamagotchi effect.
by Pogoextreme November 12, 2021
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