May 25
I have connections
I know people

I am somebodaay you feel meee
- Oh you work at Victoria's Secret can you hook a sistah up?

- I do not work there anymore...
- Oh crap!

- Don't worry gurrl, I got plugs, i'll hook you up
by ShakishaLove December 11, 2013
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May 24
Glam shaming takes place when one person shames another for grooming, primping or spending extra time (most often in inappropriate places) adjusting or fixing their appearance.
Damn, Tiffani! Will you please stop brushing your hair and applying lip gloss during grandpa's memorial service!

Tiffani: Shut up! Stop glam shaming me!
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by FranAnnPan January 28, 2018
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May 23
Also known as "WPS". Usually associated with extreme sports, activity with dangerous animals, or large acts of terrorism.
Tyrone: "What are you doing?"

Blake: "Prepping for this wingsuit course I'm going to take off the crest of Mount Everest. You should come!"

Tyrone: "Naw man. That's some white people shit.
by About50Ninjas January 26, 2018
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May 22
Having sex. Comes from the Irish phrase for sex - "bualadh craiceann". The phrase "bualadh leathair" is also used, and literally means "hitting leather"
by an fear is fearr July 19, 2008
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May 21
A person that cuts a certain food out of their diet because of a trend
Jessica became a trendetarian because her favourite magazine told her gluten is bad.
by rk.rust March 20, 2018
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May 20
A complete imbecile who devotes their time to telling awful puns to peers around them, only to piss everyone off to feed from their reactions like a parasite.
Billy: Knock knock!
Jeff: Ughh... Who's there, Billy...
Billy: Car!
Jeff: Oh for god's sake, car who?
Billy: I know you don't "car" for my jokes!
Jeff: Billy, I hate you so much you goddamn pun fucker...
by W D Gaster September 30, 2017
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May 19
(adjective): a state of being where a person is so gross that they are comparable to a rat living in the sewer
Kelsey: "Dude, my boyfriend wouldn't get out of bed so then I farted on him"

Liz: "Dude, that's so rat status"

sad handjob blumpkin never no talahassee gas mask GROGAN cum dumpster rat rodent sewer rat sewer drainer
by schlumbum March 22, 2016
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