May 29
Daquan - Dude don't spray paint the bridge! You're gonna get arrested again!
Mikel- Man, Fuck 12.
by blankets4life August 08, 2017
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May 28
The Police. Any law enforcement agent. See also "PO-PO" and "ONE-TIME."
Shouting "TWELVE" when the cops are spotted approaching the scene of some illegal activity.
by Jeff Callahan December 14, 2003
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May 27
Often used to in a way to say oh shits about to go down but for mainly country people.

You will often say it when or if cattle gets lose so you would use the term bout’ to get western to explain shits getting crazy.

Or you could also use it if you at a nascar race and a car flips you would say it’s bout’ to get western
Bubba just got kicked at the gate and now the cattle are shits bout’ to get western
by Cattywampus human May 25, 2020
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May 24
Is the phrase used mainly in south florida to describe the sexual appeal of a person, "you can get it" is meant in the sense that the person (who can get it) is sexually appealing enough to the person making the statement, that at any point in time, the person can get "it" meaning sex.
"Hey wussup Maria?"

"Hey Dre, whats up?"
"I just thought I'd let you know.....YOU CAN GET IT!!!!!"
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May 23
An accurate way to respond to anything... must be said in a low pitched voice
“Shit dude somebody just robbed my house
Ok den what
by Uhhhh hockey November 11, 2019
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May 21
A lack of faith in humanity, or people in general.

Giving up on all humans, or groups of people, for perceived slights or injustices committed by a few.

Lacking confidence in the future of humans because of an event, directly affecting their life or not, despite any positive response that happened.

Note: This is not limited to any particular political group, affiliation or generation.
Doomer: I just lost faith in humanity because someone hit a child walking down the street and just drove off. Nevermind the dozen people that stopped to check on them, and that called the police while doing everything they could to help the person in need. That one human who hit them makes everyone bad in my eyes.

Normal people: Ok doomer.
by Iegdesdages November 18, 2019
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