Jun 22
A converted mega box store used to house children in cages after they've been separated from their families.
Kids that cross the border are ripped from their parents' arms and sent to a Trump Hotel.
by TennCarl June 18, 2018
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Jun 21
To abstain from all drugs except marijuana and alcohol.
"No thanks," Jane said as Paul racked up lines of cocaine, "I'm California Sober this month."
by CPaigeS December 10, 2016
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Jun 20
If that kid keeps talkin bout me ima give him tha business

by SpYdA [GFM] June 24, 2004
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Jun 19
Someone who is impossible of spending more than 5 minutes in an airport without getting drunk. Often, used as an coping mechanism for flying anxiety.
Friend 1: I freak out every time I fly.
Friend 2: How are you going to handle that flight to Amsterdam?
Friend 1: I’m an airport alcoholic.

Friend 1: There is was a thunderstorm, so all flights were delayed for 2 hours.
Friend 2: Oh, fuck.
Friend 1: Yeah, everyone just became an airport alcoholic like me.
by Journofist June 16, 2018
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Jun 17
The uncontrollable urge to view something disgusting when someone has told you you shouldn't.
Person 1: Oh god, don't click on this link, it's disgusting!

Person 2: I have revulsion compulsion :D *clicks anyway*
by TeacakesOnToast June 03, 2011
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Jun 16
Producing an idea for an offense that may be punishable by law, by holding a spontaneous group discussion. A combination of the words crime and brainstorming. From Arrested Development, Season 5, Episode 7 ("Rom-Traum").
Maeby Fünke: Maybe I can just pretend like I have an illness where I forget everything.

George-Michael Bluth: Like Alzheimer's?
Maeby Fünke: That's a thing, too? I was just crime-storming. You know, just lying out loud. How funny.
by biggs33 June 12, 2018
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