When you wake up with a sore neck from too much headbanging at the metal show the night before.
I went to the Slayer show last night and I woke up with a serious bang over after headbanging through the whole set. It was so brutal! SLAYER!!! \m/
by alostcheshirecat August 17, 2008
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A defining moment when you know someone has gone off the deep end. Inspired by Tom Cruise's recent behavior on Oprah. Also see jump the shark
My new boyfriend Benny seemed totally normal until he jumped the couch and started rubbing spicy brown mustard on his body at my family reunion.
by Melissa and Rebecca July 8, 2005
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To spend time in the ocean to lift one's mood and/or health. (Possibly to surf or play in the water.)
Bro, you're in a bad way; go get some vitamin sea.
by Watermanca June 24, 2017
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A couple that eats at restaurants in total silence, very awkward, very sad.
"Are we going to be that kind of couple, that eat our food silently...the dining dead?" He thought.
by Scaring-Crows January 22, 2010
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During the covid-19 pandemic, cruising houses on Zillow while stuck at home became a national pastime. Enter, Zillow Gone Wild. This Instagram account rocketed to popularity in 2020 for its snarky yet accurate descriptions of unusual real estate listings. A particularly opulent Dover, MA listing included, among other excesses, a fully stocked potato shed. It sold in 2021 for an eye-popping $13,250,000. Subsequent Zillow Gone Wild posts frequently reference "no potato shed" in their intros, meaning that it's great but there's still room for extra bling.
On today’s episode of You Never Know What’s Going On Inside A Home, Part 39.

🚨🚨🚨Listing outlink
New Berlin, WI
6 bd, 7 ba
6,254 sq ft
17.49 acres
Plenty of room for a potato shed.
by Fryer Cluck September 25, 2023
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A term used to describe insomnia caused by persistent thoughts, such as old memories or unsettling experiences, which disrupts the ability to sleep.
Last night I had an extreme Brain Rave

Same, insomnia is pretty annoying...
by Radin Happier August 28, 2023
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The extra firm and tangy or super soft and sweet fleshy meat of peaches.
Nothing is more satisfying than peachmeat in the summertime.
by KayBrig September 7, 2007
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