Feb 17
to sleep infrequently in short spurts and at the most inconvenient times, followed by a big mess in their pants
Correct usage in a sentence: "man, I slept like a baby." response: "well that explains the smell. Sorry about that buddy. Better luck next time."
by drgrams March 12, 2011
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Feb 16
When you are so sad that you cannot move
Your friend calls you a liar and you become so sad you're in a sad coma
by Willywangler2 February 11, 2019
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Feb 15
Means either "grass mud horse" or "fuck your mother" depending on which signs you use to write it in Chinese. Due to Chinas strong Internet censorship you can't write the line as "fuck your mother", but it's fine if you mean "grass mud horse".
by sjuktlokallokaltv October 16, 2009
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Feb 14
Apple makes these earbuds without wires for people who can't afford the wire.
Girl: Did you see Devin's airpods, that's so hot.

Boy: That's not hot, he can't afford the wire.
via giphy
by LouisTomlinsonisdaddy February 11, 2019
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Feb 13
Hood term for lace front wigs, which have become extremely popular since Beyonce started wearing them a few years ago. The hair line is glued to the scalp, which gives the wig such a realistic appearance.
Ever since Beyonce started wearing them lace fronts, everybody's been buying them up.
by 12Bounce August 29, 2009
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Feb 7
Someone, especially posting on the internet, who uses shocking and nihilistic speech and opinions that they themselves may or may not actually believe to gain attention and come across as a more dangerous and unique person. Most Edgelords are teenagers trying to seem overly cool and/or over-casually apathetic.
"The human race is a blight upon the world, what's wrong with all you people? Honestly I'm just waiting for the next plague to happen," -Johnny Edge

" Oh shut the hell up you whiny edgelord" -Johnny Everyone
by MontethePython7 February 25, 2017
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