Sep 19
Popping shit is a term that means to talk shit about another person or start a fight with them. This term first came around in 1995 era hip hop, way before the notion of "scene kids" was even dreamt of.

Since "Popping shit" originated with mid 90s hiphop, it's perfectly acceptable to say it in public and even makes the person using the term seem more well-read than the average bear.
"Are you popping shit with me? Are you popping shit with ME? Nobody pops shit with me, bwoy. Nobody POPS SHIT with ME!"

(*Frightened, bewildered detractor inches away, and puts his gun down...just before shitting his pants.*)
by AgentChainsawlady November 12, 2009
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Sep 17
Any outfit you put a special amount of attention into constructing, potentially for an event or special occasion, usually with some sort of theme or reference you're attempting to invoke.
Oh honey, your lewk tonight is giving me 'Leanne Rimes in a hurricane'.
by djsuspence July 18, 2016
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Sep 16
Twerking, shaking your booty in a circle, or just shaking your booty in general. Often done in clubs or on dance floors.
Damn! Look at her over there! She's throwing ass all over the place!
by Ya boi Gus January 24, 2017
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Sep 15
When someone reads someone's text, but does not reply.
Kayla: Have you talked to Brittany?
Pam: Yeah, 5 minutes ago.
Kayla: Wow. I was left on read by her an hour ago.
by DefinitionDefiner101 October 07, 2016
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Sep 14
Verb - wishing you had not scrolled so far into the google image search. Applicable to any internet regret.
I was looking up unicorns on google images with the safe search off and I now suffer crippling intregret.
by DamageBats September 12, 2018
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Sep 13
"whose ass is it gonna be" or WAITGB is used when trying to figure out who is to blame in a situation, usually to punish them.
Person 1: Someone robbed a helpless elderly man.
Person 2: Alright, whose ass is it gonna be?
or it can be used jokingly
Person 1: Someone leaked a major spoiler for a highly anticipated movie.
Person2: Whose ass is it gonna be?
by illuscribo September 11, 2018
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