Chinese slang for cheap, shoddy, unsafe, or otherwise inadequate construction. Tofu dreg projects are relatively common in China due to poor building materials, corrupt government inspectors, overly ambitious building schedules, and a lack of care from builders. Features of tofu dreg projects include leaking pipes in new buildings, to no water at all in fire suppression systems, sinkholes, partial to total collapse of buildings. In some cases, concrete and masonry can be destroyed with bare hands, steel rebar can be broken with a few taps on a hard surface.
Many buildings collapsed during the 2008 Sichuan Earthquake that wouldn't have otherwise, had they not been Tofu Dreg constrution.
by Ambassador of Cupid August 18, 2023
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girls or women who are not real sisters but who are considered as such; girls or women who share sisterly relations with one another.
All the sistren of the community have been called to a meeting on the village common.
by uttam maharjan December 2, 2010
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Poems, messages, etc. written in rest room stalls
Here I sit broken hearted,
Sat right down and only farted.

This is a tee-pee
For you to pee-pee.
Not a wig-wam
To beat your tom-tom.

Man's life ambition must be small
To write a message on a shithouse wall.

Some of the poo haiku masterpieces of Thomas Crapper...or George Michael...
by La Petomaine July 11, 2008
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Short for Vox Populi, the Latin term for "voice of the people" often used to describe an interview with a person who is not an expert, and who is not directly involved with the issue at hand. Also called a "Man on the street" interview.
Guy1: Did you see that Vox pop interview on the news last night?
Guy2: Yeah, that dude was an asshole, he can choke on his own vomit for all I care.
by WallyTheLobster August 24, 2007
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A green out is a cannabis induced physiological or psychological panic attack. Symptoms include sweating, nausea, heart palpitations, hypervigilance, paranoia, and the fear or feeling that you might be dying or about to die. A green out is typically caused by smoking or ingesting too much cannabis too quickly.

Green outs are generally brief experiences and may be followed by exhaustion or drowsiness, or a rapid sobering.

Unlike black outs, memory loss doesn't tend to occur during a green out due to the intensity of a green out.

Memory loss is much more likely to occur during a long, sustained session of cannabis use.

Unlike alcohol, cannabis use affects short term memory (what was I saying?) and not long term memory (what did I do last night?).

Sativa strains may be more likely to cause green outs (while indicas are more likely to leave you stoned)
Person 1: Dude, don't smoke so much. you'll green out.
Person 2: pshh, green out, sure, whatever.
(green outs vary depending on the circumstances so it's difficult to describe a specific example, and it can take multiple green outs to really understand what's happening when you have one).
Person 2, now an experienced pothead: Dude, don't smoke so much. you'll green out.
Person 3: pshh, green out, sure, whatever.
by thatonespecificguy April 8, 2018
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When you have a good enough grade in your class and you are so bogged down by other work at the end of the semester that you email your professor and tell him you're not gonna take the exam and will take a "B" in his class
Student in email: "Dear Professor, my finals period is packed and its just not worth it for me to not sleep for the next three days to get a good grade on the test since I have a really good grade in the class already. Can I just take the Gentleman's B?
Teacher: Sure.
by MagicIce December 15, 2016
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