Sep 21
A political dog whistle term used by white people and white allies when they get called out on their white supremacist acts.
Yhe Left engages the Black vote what a disgusting display of β€œidentity politics.”
by Cold Salad December 02, 2018
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Sep 20
the tumblr girls of 2019, you’ll probably catch them wearing a scrunchie, tube top, puka shell necklace, white vans or birkenstocks and don’t forget the hydroflask to finish off the look
Look at her instagram feed she’s such a vsco girl
by skinny legends June 30, 2019
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Sep 19
A phrase commonly used when something respectable is fucked up, or something innocent has been made disgusting.
"Apparently people make porn of the new Sonic movie"
"Damn, nothing is sacred."
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Sep 18
Reid said he's got some mids, but im tryin to get some nuggs.
by d=rt January 29, 2003
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Sep 17
Getting something free of charge. Police lingo for free.
Dunkin Donuts girl: That will be $1.56 for that coffee officer.

Police Officer: You must be new here. This ones on the arm.
by Uncle Dewey November 29, 2005
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Sep 16
A series of 2 or more sentences devoid of any real substance or insight, in which all subsequent sentences are just a rephrasing of the first.
When he said, "I am very highly educated. I know words. I have the best words." Is the typical trumpspeak i hear every time he talks.

"I don't hate mexicans. I love mexicans. I employ thousands of mexicans and by the way mexicans love me. They respect me. Everyone loves me."
by Skate_vert28 January 11, 2017
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Sep 15
(also written as "head canon," but it's really one word.)

An idea, belief, or aspect of a story that is not mentioned in the media itself, but is accepted by either the media consumer themselves or the fandom in general. If it is confirmed by the creator of the story, it becomes canon.
In Homestuck , a popular webcomic , many suspect the headcanon that the trolls are carnivores, because of their natural homicidal tendencies and sharp teeth. It's never explicitly stated in the comic that this is true, but it'd be kind of dumb to assume they're a race known for salads and ice cream sundaes.
by TickTockTimeTraveler October 12, 2014
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