Oct 13
An abbreviated form for the phrase, “Laughing My Fucking Nipples Off.” Its purpose is to create a more expressive illustration of great laughter or amusement, similar to LMFAO (which means, "Laughing My Fucking Ass Off.") The term is commonly used on the Internet, online and conversations across gaming/chat rooms or texting.
Girl: Do you believe in puppy love?
Boy: I tried it once, but their assholes are too small.
Girl: LMFNO!
by samcaba January 10, 2011
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Oct 12
(Around children)
Me: (stubs toe) Blyat!
Child: what does blyat mean?
Me: Oh it’s just a word I made up whenever I’m in pain
by Dubiks May 07, 2019
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Oct 11
A partial or total loss of memory that mysteriously occurs after people associated with the Trump administration have meetings with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, Ukrainian oligarch and politician, Viktor Medvedchuk, Chairman of Russian state-run bank VEB, Sergey Gorkov or anyone else with ties to Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.
Attorney General Jeff Sessions appeared to be suffering from Kislyaknesia by saying 35 times before the Senate Intelligence Committee either "I don't recall", "I don't recollect", "I don't remember" or "I have no recollection" when asked if he met with any Russian officials or Russian nationals before January 20th.

Before his memory miraculously returned Michael Flynn claimed he had Kislyaknesia when questioned about his contact with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.
by Mister Resistor June 14, 2017
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Oct 10
The awkwardly worded antonym to 'Easy peasy lemon squeezy' meant to express that something was very difficultly done.
by Therane08 April 16, 2017
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Oct 9
When someone asks you to do something and you don’t want to do it, you say this phrase.
You goingolfing er what?

Nah, I’m thinkin’ uh, fuck that.
by Zachariah28 October 07, 2019
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Oct 7
An expression use to describe the act of taking/obtaining advantage of the situation and keep something of value.
1. Play your cards right and secure the bag.
2. Be an intern and work full-time hours. That's how you secure the bag.
3. I cut him/her off but I secured the bag.
4. Friend 1: He/she said he/she wants to make it up to me.

Friend 2: There's your chance to secure the bag.
by Luv Cookies July 04, 2017
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Oct 5
when you or someone talks and their voice makes a funny noise all of a sudden

comes from mostly when youre in puberty
fat: oh ya that was hella tight
chubby: yeah when he went up the drive-way and then *h00weeeee3* did that cool trick
by chiminee April 05, 2005
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