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A physique that is not appealing to the naked eye until it is flexed or uncovered, normally someone that looks small but big when flexing.
Lol look at Oscar he’s so fucking puny, oh shit damn look at that sleeper build who would’ve thought ?!
by BabyZay September 27, 2022
an adjective describing something done continuously, derived from the final instructions on a shampoo bottle
Having an infant is a continuous cycle of the mundane. Feed, change, put to bed, entertain, rinse repeat.
Person 1: Did you hear that the Bush administration is pushing for another surge into Iraq? And this time should be the last one.
Person 2: Sure, why not. Rinse repeat.
by ChuckChaser69 March 4, 2008
Slang or codewords that arise from the need to hide from content moderation on social media. Sometimes involves using numbers or special characters instead of letters or using different words that sound similar to the intended word.
unalive is a popular algospeak word that means kill
by CetusLapetus April 8, 2022
A supermarket bought rotisserie chicken in a handy plastic carry bag. Popular with the single man attempting to cook for extended family
Steve knew his niece and nephew loved a home cooked meal, so he picked up a bachelor's handbag and a tub of pasta salad
by NzChippy October 17, 2021
broccoli heads are guys, usually in highschool, they are a form of local

trademark broccoli features include:

-undercut with curly hair, resembling a broccoli stalk
-almost exclusively wearing the colors red, black and white
-smokes weed, skips class
-sags pants
-jordans and af1s
-loves the brand true religion

-posts screenshots of rappers with vague borderline sadboy quotes on their snap story
-obsessed with trying to be hypermasculine
“ohgodohfuck look, a patch if broccoli heads, i gotta get out of here before they try to sell me a crusty dab pen.”
by iyatowa April 3, 2019
A "ChadGPT" is the Chad who's always using Chat-GPT to think for him and always swears it was his idea. ChadGPT always uses ChatGPT to sound smart in conversations, but in reality, he has no real intelligence or original thoughts of his own. He uses ChatGPT for Tinder, to argue with Turbo Tax customer support, for his grad school thesis and at every occasion to sound casually superior to everyone he encounters from morning til midnight... especially at the afters.
"ChadGPT thinks he's Jeff Bezos ever since he started posting 'How to Sell Anything on Amazon' tips on TikTok that he just ripped from ChatGPT."
by ChadGPT January 12, 2023