The state of being exceedingly wealthy to the point where one forgoes usual attire for pajamas.

The phrase is attributable to the Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, as he included it in an article on, though it is often incorrectly traced to Kanye West, who popularized the term.
Jack Nicholson came to the Lakers game in his pajamas and nobody cared, but only because he's pajama rich.
by brattison January 8, 2011
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The Beyhive is Beyoncé's fan base. These fans are dedicated to Beyoncé no matter what she does. The Beyhive likes to refer to Beyoncé as their Queen Bey. The Beyhive's enemies are referred to as wasps (Beyoncé haters). Beyhive consists of both fans and stands of the Queeen Bey, and they will stick by her side through thick and thin. The Beyhive also has their own unique vocabulary: beyhydrated (miss Beyoncé), pollen (news on Beyoncé), Beyutiful (the word used when referring to Beyoncé as beautiful), and wasp (Beyoncé haters). Basically, the Beyhive can turn any word into a "Bey" word. The Beyhive is not only Beyoncé's fan base, but they are the best fan base hands down.
That girl at the Beyoncé concert was a Beyhive member.
by mcarr4 April 22, 2013
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A large diesel truck equipped to blow large clouds of black smoke to signal a desire for deep anal fisting
I had no idea tom was into fisting until I saw him rolling coal
by Datsu smallcoch June 29, 2015
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Chilling without any clothes on. Being able to live freely wihout clothes and the pressure of others to put some on. Having the confidence and deisre to show off your body no matter its shape or size. Living life the the fullest.
"I want to run nakey through the streets."

"Was she nakey?"
by kaysheffy January 31, 2012
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When the crimes you commit are so bad that your lawyer needs to get a lawyer.
"My lawyer's lawyer said he can get my lawyer off so my lawyer should be in court for me."

"Your lawyer's lawyer? What the hell did you do?"

"Pissed on some Russian prostitutes, a little nepotism, raw dogged a porn star and lied about it, I am slumlord, used my political connections to profit personally, signed off on people using tax dollars to fund their personal trips, wrote down shit on some pieces of paper and forced others to live by it , tried to sue people who called me names after I verbally attacked them, I haven't paid taxes in 10 years, fired some asshole who kept trying to investigate me and my friends, grabbed a few random women by their pussies - hey they like it - , watched some teenage girls get undressed, sure as fuck am not renting my houses to black people, sold some fake diplomas to a few dumbasses, hired some undocumented pollocks in the 80's, rigged some gambling machines in my casinos, some jackasses claim I didn't pay them, a few fraudualant realestate deals, bought my own books with campaign dollars and kept the royalties, smuggles some models into the country so I could bang them - even married one of them, set up some tax dodging foundations, remember that Cuba embargo I bitch about that last jackass lifting - I totally violated it in the 90's, and I conspired with a government known to be an enemy of our country to influence federal elections. Nothing too bad, I don't know what they are bitching about."
by Nutzen YerMouf April 12, 2018
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We have reached late-stage capitalism. This is the era where businesses, investors and even the layperson will try everything they possibly can to capitalize on literally anything and every situation. The increasingly diverse stock industry and the booming crypto mining industry can be seen as one of the many aspects of late-stage capitalism. There is no single way to define late-stage capitalism, as the effects are most often seen on a micro scale and the scope is very broad as a result of the plethora of industries.

Some of the various examples of late-stage capitalism could include, but are not limited to: profiting off of your attractive physique, selling your personal data, selling your poop, dropshipping, house flipping, game companies making every single game pay-to-win, news corporations putting paywalls on their news sites, smartphone companies removing the headphone jack to save money, paying people to say positive affirmations, etc etc.

Essentially, it is capitalism but 10x more savage.
Thanks to the diverse range of markets, Jane was able to profit immensely from selling her bathwater, her used underwear, her poop, her sweat, her private browsing data, how many miles she walked, her emotions, her voice, and even her hair. Likewise, capitalists continue to venture into turning the most ordinary things into profitable commodities, while companies have lowered their standards to cut corners in every way possible to save money. This is late-stage capitalism in a nutshell.
by UwUltimateDoge May 4, 2021
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Gravy is a sauce made from the juices of meat or vegetables and enhances the flavour of a meal. In poorer times, to have gravy on your meal is a sign that you have sufficient meat and vegetables to make such a nice meal. Hence the phrase "on the gravy train" meaning that ones life was well supplied with good things, usually money.

"It's all gravy" therefore means that there is an abundance of good things in the given circumstance.

It should not be taken to mean that there is no problem or that a situation is liked, specifically. Those things may follow but are not necessarily connected.
A: We just secured a lucrative contract with the supplier with an open ended term.
B: It's all gravy from here on, boys.
by arseburgers March 12, 2013
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