Obtaining a one-way ticket to hell by doing something incredibly bad, evil, or shameful.
Jacob: Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?

Steve: I’ve fucked a girl in the St. John Paul II National Shrine on Good Friday.

~ Steve is fucking Hellmaxxing.
by Goodguybadguy August 05, 2021
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A piece of information that can be dangerous for a reader to know about.
Roko's Basilisk is an example of an infohazard. Do not search it up.
by Osmium23 March 03, 2021
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Chillin in the hot tub. 5 feet apart ‘cause they’re NOT gay
The two bros, are relaxing in the heated pool. 60 inches away from each other because they are heterosexual.
by SpongeCake90 June 05, 2018
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It is a state of mind that assumes that everyone is gay until evidence of being straight is presented. People who follow this philosophy don’t typically judge those who are found “guilty” because they know that everyone can’t be perfect.
Person 1: “Do you think Mike is gay?”

Person 2: “Well, gay until proven guilty! I haven’t seen any evidence of him being straight.”
by Mique Zee October 10, 2021
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The napkins you get with a bag of fast food. It's wasteful to throw the excess napkins away, so they are best put to use by catching underwear yogurt.
I got some Taco Bell last night and they gave me like 10 napkins. I only used one, so I thought "hey, I can use these other 9 to clean up jizz!" The fapkins proved useful, as I ran out of kleenex.
by Bruk August 04, 2008
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When the hair at one's forehead recedes giving way to more scalp. At times, people may grow out the back in mullet fashion in order to compensate, others may keep what is left high and tight in military fashion, there are also other who have a comb-over to try to cover it. All in all, it's a strong receding hairline that calls attention to itself.
See that gentleman in the corner booth, he may deny it, but he has a prominent skullet.
by Skulletbuster November 03, 2014
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A statement that conveys an indirect, subtle, or unintentional affectation that is superfluous or irrelevant to the context of a conversation.

Person 1: "Did you watch that show?"
Person 2: "I don't have a TV."

Person 1: "Are you hungry?"
Person 2: "I'm a vegan."
They were subject to many acts of micropretension at the vegan restaurant.
by n0ta February 08, 2017
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