May 19
(adjective): a state of being where a person is so gross that they are comparable to a rat living in the sewer
Kelsey: "Dude, my boyfriend wouldn't get out of bed so then I farted on him"

Liz: "Dude, that's so rat status"

sad handjob blumpkin never no talahassee gas mask GROGAN cum dumpster rat rodent sewer rat sewer drainer
by schlumbum March 22, 2016
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May 17
A phrase coined by popular rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine,which made the term mainstream. The term means to flex show you're the best, be yourself , and keep it real. The phrase can also be said as let your nuts drag.
All my niggas really gang bang, talk that damn slang, rap about it, do the same thing, let your nuts hang.
Talk your shit, let your nuts drag, nigga.
by Sir RoastMaster (Roasty) April 02, 2018
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May 16
Short for wookie. Plural: wooks. The dirty, vagranty variety of hippy. Almost always unemployed, following around jambands or festivals, and ripping people off. Known more for their tactics than their beliefs (unlike the more respectable hippy).
That wook over there has been "borrowing" my veggie burgers all weekend.
by TheOneCleanHippie February 26, 2012
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May 15
A word used to describe the act of shitting by a female.
Yo, don't go in there for about fifteen minutes. Some bitch just dropped a nasty doucette in the shitter.
by Butterfries June 24, 2008
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May 14
Showing a higher magnitude or degree of being the asshole in a situation.
Each woman who destroys her life by succumbing to this meaningless bullying is nothing but a moronic asshole herself, only out assholed by the backward, cowardly men who get off on making them do this.
by Hadafakaya September 02, 2012
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May 13
Using email or text message to cancel or change some commitments; instead of calling or in person.
by Major Thomas February 21, 2018
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