An avocado is called an alligator pear by some New Orleanians.
You can't make guacamole without an alligator pear.
by eViL pOp TaRt July 3, 2010
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11 pound slab of ham is a processed meat cube of ham mostly used in recreationel purposes
karen: is that ham processed, if it is i dont want it

meat bearer: Ma'am that is an eleven pound whole slab of deli ham. it has no bones, fat, or connective tissue. it is an amalgamation of the meat of several pigs , emulsified, liquefied, strained, and ultimately inexorably joined in an unholy meat obelisk. god has no hand in the creation of this abhorrence. the fact that this ham monolith exists proves that god is either impotent to alter his universe or ignorant to the horrors taking place in his kingdom. This prism of pork is more than deli meat. it is a physical declaration of makind's contempt for the natural order. it is hubris manifest. we also have a lower sodium variety if you would prefer that
by meatier slab September 30, 2023
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Originated in Chicago, this word/phrase means birthday.
1. Hey Roman, today's your glo day right?
2. My glo day is tomorrow!
by Ninaazalea November 24, 2015
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Occurs in movie franchises when a third installment of a movie franchise is widely considered disappointing compared to the previous two.

Based on The Godfather Part III, which is commonly considered inferior to Part I and II.
Seen Spiderman 3? Worst case of Godfather Syndrome I've seen in years.
by nrrork June 23, 2008
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Known as many things but most commonly refered to as the butt.
Just remember Tyler, if you get cold put your hands in Nature's pocket.
by Eric Thomas p March 2, 2008
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An old cheap sundress that is used to wear around the house for cleaning/housework.
I don’t have anymore clean clothes so I had to go do laundry in my struggle dress.
by Cermeg October 27, 2022
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Originally used to describe the pallor which developed amongst inveterate D&D players, it widened to include denizens of any stripe who resided in the basement of their parents. Most recently it is used to describe the complexion of any video game addict.
1978: His dungeon tan is proof enough that he is an indestructible wizard.
1998: "Yo, ghost boy ! Nice dungeon tan. I see that you gave up POGs for Magic Cards !"
2008: PlayStation and Xbox gave him the dungeon tan. But at least Wii gives him some muscle tone.
by FichenDich December 5, 2010
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