Cynical corruption of "America" (as in United States of America) especially as relevant to the worst deeds and attitudes of its government; used by citizens of the country and others alike.
The establishment regime of AmeriKKKa just keeps getting us in deeper shit with every move it makes.
by Disgruntled American June 29, 2004
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A delicious sandwich containing Lettuce, guacamole, bacon,tomato, and quantum physics.
Hey want to get a LGBTQ?
Fuck no I ain’t gay.
by Alphabet boys December 1, 2021
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While most might think of a early morning walk when hearing this term, the term morning constitutional can also be used to define what happens when someone has to take a early morning bowel movement.
Samuel took a newspaper in to read during his morning constitutional.
by Sam Goodspeed August 30, 2006
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what you call someone before you call them out on their problems/hypocrisy
My mom: I don't like all the cleavage you have.

Me: My brother in Christ, you gave it to me.
by consumerstellular June 11, 2022
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A fragile, power hungry male who thinks he has a say over women’s rights.
Womb sniffer: Abortion is mUrDeR!!!!

Normal person: We got a womb sniffer over here. Leave women’s rights alone and go get laid for once.
by thatsexychick11 June 10, 2022
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adj. phrase to describe certain married females who wanted to work outside of the home but forbidden by their protective husbands. Usage common in the U.S. to about 1960.
Joe kept Sarah hushed up about working a factory shift by keeping her barefoot and pregnant. He knocked her up everytime she bled so she'd have too much to do at home than to think about other work.
by Richard Black April 29, 2005
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