Business man: Pussy stick?
Randy: Yeah you know penis pen wussy vape lady joints.
by Zachester October 31, 2018
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When you are not fully superstitious. If you're just a little superstitious you're merely stitious.
My friend would never walk under a ladder because he is very superstitious. I would think about it but probably not pay much attention. I'm only stitious.
by AnthonyG_NYC February 04, 2010
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"Don't be telling me porky pies!" which, translated, means "Don't tell me lies!!"
by Debs September 15, 2005
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To fool or deceive someone in a particularly sly or clever manner, possibly leaving the victim with the feeling of being cheated or taken advantage of. Examples: Hidden ball trick in baseball, Fumblerooskie in football. Using loaded dice. A Ponzi scheme.
They tried to get me with the old okie doke but I wasn’t having it.
by Sir Buckets 2.0 July 22, 2020
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Burping with your COVID-19 mask on and smelling your own breath. Requiring you to marinate in your burp juice.
Jim: *burps*
Chad: Yo did you taste that burp? must be a gnarly Covid Dutch oven under there.
Jim: You're damn right.
by mrchubhabub September 19, 2020
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When a place of business angers you, so you open a competing store out of spite.
Mocha Joe's cafe served me cold coffee, so I'm opening a spite store right next door called Latte Larry's.
by jn1234 March 02, 2020
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