Apr 24
A Cap Is A lie. A capper is a liar. So if someone is capping, they are lying.
That Dude Always Sayin Somethin And Never Do Shit! He's A Capper. He Would Always Cap Over Dumb Shit!
by YoungChief The Meff a Dondotta September 06, 2007
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Apr 23
A derogatory term for people who voted to leave the EU in the UK's June 2016 EU membership referendum. Often seen on online comment sections and Facebook/Twitter.
"Well since the UK will be a bankrupt third-world country by the year 2020, perhaps you Brexshitters should be volunteering your taxes first since you caused this mess?" - Stereotypical rant by an obvious "Remain" voter.
by Hapty212 December 09, 2017
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Apr 22
When a guy is at a party and is trying to get with a girl and another guy comes to the party and takes her
Charles: go get with Zarah!!
Jackson: No Bro arran already Swooped her
by Half Ounce Jack July 29, 2010
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Apr 21
to run away from a scene or person as fast as you possibly can
I hooked off on this dude and his boys saw me so i hit the dip and got the hell out of there.
by dKillaD December 29, 2005
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Apr 20
1. v., to leave, depart
2. v., to place tobacco between the gums and lower lip
3. n., shortened form of "dipshit", i.e. a stupid, annoying, or displeasing person
by Zzisjfd November 07, 2010
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Apr 19
the point at which one feels a definitive change in his or her behavior and equilibrium from the effects of a drug (most commonly in reference to marijuana)
nah, he's a heavyweight, he can blaze mad and not even get a head change
by Luchidizzle September 25, 2004
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Apr 18
leaving where ever your at with your "crew" or "mob".
kyleigh:hey dude this shits gay lets mob it.
everyone:alright man
by shenzy July 15, 2008
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