Were small amounts of privileged members rule over peasants usually. Lots of time they were born into power.See 16-18th century Poland, all of Europe mostly in the middle ages etc. The opposite of democracy. Roots came from the ancient Greeks. The French revolution was mainly focused on stopping the aristocratic government in France by letting every person have a political influence to some degree. Basically a bunch of glorified pricks ruling due to wealth or being born into the position of power ruling and being dicks to everyone else.
Peasant 1: I like food
Peasant 2: me too, I wish I was born into power

Peasant 1: stupid Greeks making this aristocracy
Peasant 2: who are Greeks?
Aristocrat 1: fuckith all the peasants due to my born rights to rule
by dchase 317 June 16, 2014
It is a form of power based on the principles of courage, honor, high culture, intellectuality and superior moral values. Something similar to what Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Xenophon and Spartans defined.

Among its main concepts are the fierce opposition to the centralized Modern State, the French Revolution and the consequent Liberal Bourgeois State, and its evils: Anarchism, Liberalism, Fascism, Communism, Marxism, Socialism, Nationalism, Modernism, Representative Democracy, Capitalism, Progressism, Totalitarianism, Humanism, Secular State, Statism, Positivism, anti-right-left dichotomy, mass media, consumerism, materialism, anti-system, anti-republican, feminism, human rights, technocracy, gay rights, ecumenism, ideologies, globalization, militant atheism and abortion. He is skeptical of science, technology, organized religions and economics.
"The main difference between a traditional and a conservative is that the former believes in transcendent values, while the latter preserves the values of the bourgeois revolution and its consequences. Therefore, one should not confuse Traditional Aristocracy with Conservative Oligarchy."
by tradical February 19, 2022
"Bunyip aristocracy" is an insult used to refer to those Australians who consider themselves to be aristocrats. See Wikipedia entry for more information.
"Given his predilection for the bunyip aristocracy, it's surprising that Big Jim Byrnes's education does not seem to have extended to the age-old adage 'people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones'."
Kate Askew - Sydney Morning Herald, October 4, 2003
by Judo Dave September 9, 2006
Scientistic Aristocracy is a social and political stance where positivism, scientism and new atheism tend to lead into an aristocratic organization of science, education, technology and society. Scientistic aristocracy mainly used to refer to the social organization of a cultural atheist society and of a state atheist society. Scientistic aristocracy is usually culturally centre, centre-leaning and supports scientific centrism and state atheism.
"Scientistic Aristocracy is the social and political organization of the academia and of science nowadays. Scientism and neopositivism always lead into aristocratic organization of society, since the goal of scientism and neopositivism is to make charlatanism tor aristocratic proposes, and anyone with basic knowledge on philosophy of science can realize it."
by Full Monteirism March 31, 2021
A clothing line started by Windsor Waters in 2004 consisting of classicaly tailored clothing that features eye catching details and edgy modifications. It is mad for the young and the fabulous i.e. The New Aristocracy
The New Aristocracy is comprised of classic peices, deconstructed, decay, grafitti, derelictions, ciggarette burns, cocain addiction, thievery, gucci youth, and the oh so edgy.
by Jamison Devereaux March 1, 2005
Being born into an established and respected blue collar family. It maybe associated with a since of entitlement and a family history in a specific industry.
The Crowley family is part of a blue collar aristocracy of the local roofing industry.
by jazz1414 January 21, 2014
It is a secret philosophical movement to confront the system and the establishment to restore the aristocracy to the status quo.

It is against the Modern State and the Liberal Bourgeois State and its consecutive evils: Socialism, Marxism, Communism, Liberalism, Freemasonry, Totalitarianism, Positivism, Nationalism, Enlightenment, Fascism, Humanism, Renaissance, French Revolution Modernism, Anthropocentrism, Capitalism, Materialism, Feminism, LGBT rights, Republicanism, Representative Democracy, Liberal Democracy, Progressivism, Mass Media, Militant Atheism, Anti-Left/Right Dichotomy, Cosmopolitanism, Consumerism, Human Rights, Technocracy, Organized Religions, Globalization and Abortion. He is skeptical of technology, organized religions and the economy.
Underground Aristocracy is the beginning of the reconquest. Unlike contemporary think-tanks, it is focused on praxis.
by tradical September 7, 2022