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An English Naturalist who was the author of “Origin of Species” as well as several other books. Charles Darwin revolutionized biology with the scientific theory of evolution. Evolution is Descent with modification. Change in the genetic composition of a population during successive generations, as a result of natural selection acting on the genetic variation among individuals, and resulting in the development of new species. This is a scientific fact and the theory of evolution has never been disproved much as some would like to see that happen.

For some reason this inspires great hostility among people who have obviously never read or done research on evolution. (As evidenced by the questions about why are there still apes. Answer: Evolution isn’t a ladder, it more like a tree that has many branches. Humans didn’t evolve from modern day apes such as chimpanzees… humans and chimps have a common ancestor. The descendents of that common ancestor split off into different species over millions of years. )
Charles Darwin had ten children, three of whom died early. Many of his surviving children and their grandchildren would later achieve notability themselves.
by OneBadAsp November 03, 2006
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man who figured out evolution and wrote "origin of species" and revolutionized biology. Creationism is flawed and you don't have to be an atheist to accept this mans brilliant work.
by matt dold August 07, 2004
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Many people believe Charles Darwin was a racist. He was not and that has been proven time and time again. Charles Darwin was a British person, born February 12 1809, described by himself as "A very ordinary boy, rather below the common standard of intelect." Charles Darwin might have been a country parson like his father thought, although a quick quirk of fate kept him from that turnout, when a botanist recommended Darwin for an appointment as a naturalist on the H.M.S. Beagle (without pay!). Darwin revolutionalised evolution when he wrote a book in 1858 called "The Origin of the Species" and published it in 1859. His friend, with whom he hadn't talked about evolution at all, sent him a journal which was very much like Darwin's book! Darwin was shocked and quickly published his book before his friend published his, and it sold out on the first day. Darwin has been hated by many Christians throughout the past century and a half. Darwin has been said to have "put god out of a job". Darwin quietly gave up Christianity. Many Christians find room for both God and Darwin, but most Christians think Darwin was a heretic. I am a Darwinist, and am currently running a petition to make April 19th a religious holiday, as Darwin died April 19th, 1882, after being bedridden for a very long time.
There are three major kinds of Darwinism...
Religious Darwinism, where religious people find room for their god(s) and Darwin, and
Agnostic Darwinism, where people don't disbelieve in god but they believe in Darwin's theories, and
Athiest Darwinism (me), where people don't believe in any god but believe in Darwin.
Athiest Darwinism is probably the most practiced. I believe Darwin was right because human and chimpanzee DNA only differs by about 2%. Also, there has been definite proof of things more than 6000 years old (when Christians think the world was made), such as Dinosaur fossils.
Darwin, Australia is a place.
My argument for Athiest Darwinism is that... How come there isn't peace and love and all that stuff? Because god left us to our own divices? So after the creation of the universe god decided to lie on the couch, have a beer and watch some T.V.? So god's Homer Simpson? We're screwed.
Please read Zoology of the Voyage of the Beagle, The Origin of the Species, and the Decent of Man, all by Charles Darwin, for more information.
by Arctic Warfare December 16, 2005
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Did NOT coin the phrase 'survival of the fittest'. Not racist, he theorized all that shit everybody's pointing to. Person I'd like most to meet, aside from Zoroaster.
Original Evolutionist - cool comfort? charles darwin.
by pwn20r2 September 02, 2005
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Proved evolution among life forms; and humans as visibly derivative of apes.
Charles Darwin came up with the term "natural selection".
by Lord-Cypher December 16, 2017
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The person who, some dumb people think, wrote "Great Expectations."
-=while playing Taboo=-
Card: Charles Darwin
Friend #1: The person who wrote "Great Expectations!"
by Yo Mammas Llamas May 20, 2006
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