A clean, sexy, flirty girl. Lots of friends. Few best friends. Is not a backstabber. Does anything that comes to her mind. Down to earth, fun filled girl.
Dang, that must be a Madee! ;)
by Random name. June 7, 2010
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1) - To be inducted as an official member of an organized crime family, thus getting full protection and care by the other family members. Membership is for life and resignation is not an option.

Often referred to as getting your "stripes" or "wings".

2) - To "make it" in life, having what you want to have, buying what you want, etc.
1) - Johnny was made into the family today.

2) - Once the record sales hit 2 million, I knew I had it made.
by ACG2x January 20, 2004
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To have your cover blown, that is, to have your real identify revealed. Applies to undercover police, secret agents, spies or moles.
"Get your ass out of there, you've been made!"
by Dinar January 16, 2007
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means a crazy person who does stupid tings, founded by the clipston click
by Tom Hayward and Mason November 19, 2004
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to be "blessed" into a family(crew) by means of being a great associate(cafone)in which a member of cosa nostra(made man most likely a soldier "soldati" or a higher ranking soldier "sgarrista") has already vouched for you(taking you under his wing and refering to you as "a friend of mine")inwhich you show great trust(keeping secrets to your death), your a good earner, a hard enforcer, plus you are 100% Italian(to trace your family back to Italy). all of which is done over a long period of time to impress the most important member, the captain "boss"(capo)of the family. he'll decide if you are worthy enough to get your name in the books(to be made) the cerimony is done by getting your trigger finger pricked and letting your blood trickle into a cup of red wine along with your boss's. this is often refered to as getting your "button", "stars and stripes", being "straighten out", becomming a "goodfella". during this cerimony you take an oath of "omerta" putting the family above all else as well as keeping your mouth shut about any connection to them. at this level you are a lower ranking soldier(picciotto) taking orders like an associate but you are still conciderd "untouchable" and you have the licence to shake down, extort, kill anyother non-member inwhich case you must a have a "sitdown"(a meeting)over the matter and it's final decision(most likely) is on of you is getting wacked. this is just the beginning of climbing the first rung of a ladder to becoming a boss(capo) and from there being the top boss(capo di tutti capi)"boss of bosses","Godfather".
giovanni-"tony is getting staighten out"
carlo-"his being made?"
giovanni-"quite bustin my balls over here, his swinging at the bottom of the ladder"
carlo-"foe get about it"
by x February 24, 2004
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To be inducted into an organized crime family, with all rights and priveleges thereof.
Pauly is a made man, nobody can touch him without the boss's ok.
by Shane May 22, 2003
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