Performing an action that has no results.
Andy's futility knows no bounds... He rotates squares in Tetris.
by Macros-the-Black August 30, 2012
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the act of being fultile.
An example of futility is the act of AJ Kinda making a free-throw.
by eracman20 May 31, 2007
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An extremely unintelligent attention whore who enjoys posting radical, unsupported claims on internet fora, then insulting anyone who dares disagree. Sometimes a troll. Frequents Takes offense to having his name capitalized.
futility is such troll. Why won't he just give up and die?
by Jake V January 10, 2006
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I ran as fast as I could, but it was futile. The bus was too far away and the driver turned and drove off.
by happycookie August 3, 2011
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To make something futile or worthless

Just as utilize means to make something utile, futilize means to make something futile.
If Leah gets an abortion, this will futilize all the bickering over who will be the godparents of the baby.

Global warming futilizes the production of fur coats.

The weevils will futilize the farm land.
by wordtsar January 3, 2014
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A quote from Ultra Gogeta Blue when he activates his blast counter In Dragon Ball Legends. Mostly associated with the American Bald Eagle cry and Playboi Carti's Song "Cash Shit" guitar remix on earrape. It is usually followed up with "Hope you're ready!", which is what Gogeta Blue says when he uses his blue card that can be combed with the counter to deal damage to the opponent.
*Opponent uses a blast/blast type blue card while Gogeta's unique gauge is full*

Gogeta: "It's futile!"
by Mudada! July 30, 2023
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To consume something in a wasteful way, to waste something, or find a useless or ineffective use for something
Our management team is fully futilized in meetings today to discover why our management team doesn't see the value of our daily mangement team meetings.
by FortyForMagnum September 22, 2010
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