What every DA and case turn needs to prove that shit isn't fucked up right now.
They'll never win a risk of a turn because we're dominating uniqueness.
by LA Times 10-25-04 October 26, 2004
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Most use this word to describe someone or something as being one in a million. Well this can be true but unique is someone you won't see wasting time at the end of the rainbow you'll see her riding the rainbow. Unique doesn't just come as a word but it comes as an action. She does what others are to afraid to do. She puts her friends first not herself looks for the good in others when they can't find it themselves. She's willing to do the extreme to be different than others. Shes funny you will never find anyone like like the unique.
Being one of a kind

Someone going left when everyone else is going right.
Being different from the rest.

Person 1: She's so unique

Person 2: She is she's so special one of a kind
by Forever someone special April 17, 2017
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One of a kind meaning special.....she could be gorgeous in her own way she makes people want to like her by her personality if she has a bf she's gifted because that means her boyfriend finds her special even if she doesn't have all perfections. She's athletic,pretty,funny and not afraid to confront people.. Unique defines one of a kind.
My name is unique, your name is very unique! Because your one of a kind
by missbluberry May 17, 2015
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different, or not like everyone else. not following the group
Unique people are those who have many weird qualities but execute them well
by lola3 August 8, 2010
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Doing or believing in different things than most.
by Larry September 21, 2003
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The state or quality of being unique. Uniqueness.
Your Aunt Belle-- Now, SHE had a way of doing things. None like her hereabouts. The way she dressed, she had a uniquity to her. Turned a lot of heads.
by Bilham June 17, 2011
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Unique isn’t just a word that teachers tell their “special” students they are, its means being different in usually a good a way, unlike the rest of the common world. It is when everyone wears white and one person wears purple. Someone’s unique way of talking. I hate how most people define this world like, Mr. Rodgers is trying to comfort you. Being unique is a good thing, most of the time anyway.
Her feather hat was unique.
by modinogoesrawr March 14, 2006
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