when someone annoys you to the point you think you are going to die earlier than you should
Oh god you're going to drive me into an early grave
by Boiiis July 29, 2017
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A tragically young death, typically at or below the age of 40 or 50.

There's quite a few variations of the phrase. "Digging yourself an early grave", "Meeting an early grave", and "Driving someone into an early grave", to name a few.
1. Rhonda's son, Carson dug himself an early grave at the age of 29, thanks to his drug abuse and alcoholism.

2. Michael and Paula had a son named Harry, who met an early grave at the tender age of eight, due to leukemia.

3. Earl's job forced him to work odd hours, resulting in severe sleep deprivation. He aged very poorly as a result, and it ultimately drove him into an early grave at the age of 36.
by Someone who kinda exists December 7, 2020
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E.G.M also know as Early Grave Management was Founded By ( kE & bZ ) YOU PLAY YOU LAY it’s that simple I mean it’s right in the name earl-lee gray-ve man-a-ge-ment

- their names are spelled backwards for the slow ones
Aye boy you heard bout E.G.M ya ass bet not get caught lacking on soul on my kids yo grave gon get managed early - some wise old man

Early Grave Management/ E.G.M
by Some Wise Old Man June 15, 2022
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