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An idiomatic expression to mean an emotional and morale strength drawn from a group of people.

Sometimes this can lead to mob mentality.
John is a coward by himself, but in a large group he draws strength in numbers.
by Hunter W. November 12, 2005
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What Strength in numbers means is a phrase used to express that in a group, far more can be done compared to something alone. Or could be used when referencing a chart or diagram in which one certain thing outweighs the other. Hence, STRENGTH in NUMBERS
1 Alone I know I wouldn't have finished the race, but seeing my teammates running at they're full speed too helped push me through, I guess they're really is strength in numbers

2. Dutch's Gang has been at war with the Pinkertons, but there's only 23 people in the gang and an infinite amount of lawmen! Talk about strength in numbers......
by IntelligentCoffin December 26, 2018
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