Corrosive and burning, but also interchangable for the word awesome.
"Man, when that shopping cart hit that wino, that was caustic"

"I went to this caustic party downtown, but then someone got stabbed"

"Sally is pretty caustic, when she's not hanging out with that pilgrim Luke"
by CapriceFidelity August 2, 2004
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The best non overpowered legend in apex
“Oh look there’s a caustic in that building”-bloodhound

“Lets push him”-wraith

“No, thats a bad idea its camped out we will die from gas” -bloodhound

Wraith: “Whatever I’ll go alone(phases into building and caustic sprays her with the r-99)”

Bloodhound:Ok I’m coming now(enters building and gets pummelled by caustic’s PK and dies)

Wraith:OMG!!! Caustic is so overpowered his gas actually did damage and slowed me down!! *goes onto twitter and complains to a dev about caustic*

by WHAT THE HELL’S A PSEUDONYM February 23, 2021
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Burning, Corosive.
No one was safe when the satirist H.L. Mencken unleashed his caustic wit.
by LarstaiT November 11, 2003
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capable of eating tissue paper
Sally: I saw Johnny eating some tissue paper.
Sue: Wow! He must be caustic!
by Verna N. September 30, 2006
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A substitute word or phrase that, while constructed to be socially more acceptable, drastically subtracts from the legitimate intent and purpose of the original.
So, how do we go from 'shell-shock' to 'battle-fatigue', from 'old dude' to 'senior citizen', from 'rape victim' to 'unconsenting intimacy participant'? Because our culture thrives on caustic euphemism: The dumbed-down, homogenized, neutralized language of the mindless majority who want it that way...
by YAWA August 19, 2019
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A vagina that is perceived to be dirty, diseased, or in some manner toxic. Also sometimes referred to as the Caustic Cleft.
When a guy hooks up with the last remaining (and often disgusting) woman in the bar he will often tell his friends, "I am going deep into the Caustic Valley tonight boys."
by 2k3bandit December 23, 2013
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Caustic Comedy is a particular form or type of humour: comedy that is acerbic, cutting-edged, even cruel or insulting but always amusing, indeed, corrosive and burning as the word ‘Caustic’ itself suggests. Google one of the great names in comedy and the word ‘Caustic’ is likely to be mentioned somewhere in their description.
His caustic comedy is a brand of aggressively caustic humour that targeted everyone from unknown “hockey pucks” to big-name celebrities.
by CausticComedy July 15, 2017
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