Punk is fucking awesome dude!! it's so awesome, it's what Chuck Norris masturbates to! UHH >.<
ask yourself, what would a punk do...... no no no scratch that... what would Henry Rollins do :) yea >.<
by droolingpunkguy1 December 25, 2011
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The myth: Punk is a rebellious form of music, or a lifestyle, in which drunk teenagers with mohawks and extreme clothing beat each other up and burn things, then brag about it to their friends.

The truth: None of you know what punk is. Quit trying to define something that you haven't figured out because you're too busy listening to the Sex Pistols and shopping at Hawt Subject.
The myth: "Yeah I just bought a $100 pair of pants I don't need from Hawt Subject! I love being exploited by the system I oppose, yeahhhh!"

The truth: "Shut up and have fun. Oh yeah, I forgot. I'm supposed to include the word 'punk' in here. Well, I just did."
by createtoresist October 11, 2007
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One thing that Punk obviously is not would be unified. Or having the same belief. Punk is perfectly acceptable for drop out age kids through early or mid twenties. After that it's like " ok lady your scaring us". "Fuck the Government,fuck what people say,I am my own person". " hey I'm punk, maybe broke live with mom but I'm movin out next month because she is ating like a bitch and I'm going to be fourty next week".
Old man on death bed..... "Hey kids keep punk alive ok, and don't ever let any one tell you what to do" "Tell us more ole wise one" "OK, fuck what any body thinks and always think about yourself only defend these things and oh yes never I mean never listen to what antbody else has to say remember you are the most important person in the world. Fuck family fuck( coughing up blood)every thing
by jody young July 15, 2006
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1)Punk is a type of music in rock. Like a different type of rock would be ska, metal, or alternative. Punk, is usually reffered to as a type of music that contains a scratchy guitar sound, fast beat, and write about mostly the government and politics. Though, it always doesn't have to be that. Punk could be in your own terms.

2)A person that listens to mostly punk rock in general and doesn't care what other people say about him/her and always does his/her own thing. THAT's a real punk.
Punk Rock bands : the Misfits, Ramones, Green Day, the Explosion, and Rancid are some talented bands.

and anyone who says they're a punk, then be one, don't listen to other people, you are what you fucking are.
by NMinority October 10, 2005
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Before the "punk" music scene took over, punk was only known as a male prostitute, or a male who participates in sodemy.
Look at that punk over there walking into that gay bar!
by zykos June 30, 2006
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Circa 1975 - A Young Male Partner Of A Homosexual.

Reference, Hunter S. Thompson In The Book Please Kill Me :The Oral History Of Punk Rock. Written By Legs McNeil And Gillian McCain.
Dude, Your Bf Is Like So Way Older Than You, Your Such A Punk

by Jane-Lane July 10, 2008
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1)Punk is NOT:
Avril Lavigne, Hilary Duff, Hot Topic, Sum 41, Good Charlotte.
Punk IS:
An i-dont-give-a-flying-rats-ass attitude towards a lot of things. Having strong feelings against the government and politics in general. a bit of an anarchist

The punks that I'm friends with:
have strong opinions about politics and the government, are against any form of supression against them, are drunks, drug addicts, pretty tough, crazy, easy going, a bit narcisstic, ARE NOT RACIST HOMOPHOBIC ETC., and apathetic (don't care about much).
Dressing in plaid and leather jackets doesn't make you punk.
Sorry to burst yer little bubble...
Having a "i really don't give a shit, fuck you" attitude, being kind of anarchist, misbehaving...now that's a bit closer...
Dressing in tight pants, boots, a leather jacket, and studs with a lovely multi-colored mohawk on top, doesn't make you "SO PUNK RAWK".
even if you wear Lacoste and Abercrombie and all that...
If you have the attitude, yer techincally a punk.

2) Loud, fast, and aggressive music.
examples of real PUNK music: Ramones, Iggy and the Stooges, The Dead Boys, A Global Threat, Aus-Rotten, Reagan Youth, The Virus, The Casualties, Crass...just to name a few.

Lyrics are usually about the government and politics and other topics to release anger...also sometimes humorous, rude, dirty, or morbid things (such as killing babies or raping mothers).
1) Person1: ew those are some nasty shoes.
"Punk": yeh i really don't care what you think. i like them a lot so go fuck yerself.

2) "I Want To Be A Facist Pig, Love To Fight, What A Thrill, We Don't Stop Until We Kill. I Want To Be A Facist Pig!"
"Don't respect something that has no respect
don't sympathize with something that has no sympathy
don't understand something that has no understanding
Don't give them their freedom, because they're not going to give you yours
Fuck nazi sympathy
Don't give them their freedom, because they're not going to give you yours"
by Baileyanne May 05, 2007
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