The socialist, economy killings years when Barrack Hussein Obama was (is) President of The United States of America.
Tom "Do you remember the Dark Ages?"

Bill "Yes. Obama ran the deficit up, then his health care policies caused my company to put me down to part time work."
by Stoolsample November 8, 2013
What the world is about to enter into, a second time. Hopefully I am wrong.
Trump won't be enough. Thanks to Obama, the Western world is going into another Dark Ages. I can feel it
by Charmouche February 20, 2017
When you have been without electricity or technology for a while, and aren't up to date with it all-such as older generations, people living on farms with little technology, or those who have been left without electricity due to various circumstances.
John: hey mate have you seen the new iPhones?
Jack: what's an iPhone?
John: have you been living in the dark ages? Else you would know.

Jill: we had a tornado come through last week. They haven't been able to restore power yet.
Mary: oh no that's terrible. It's like you're living in the dark ages again!
by SunshineStar1 September 21, 2015
secular society depicts the dark ages as a time where religion repressed humanity in growth, When in REALITY, this was the TAMING period of the human dog for submission to god in jesus name first in discipline to righteousness from their Pagan ways and thus allow newly formed disciplined entities the energy and Will to overcome difficulties towards the advancement of Awareness.
Wikipedia tells the masses " "Dark Ages" is a term referring to the perceived period of both cultural and economic deterioration as well as disruption that took place in Western Europe following the decline of the Roman Empire." but followers of Christ know this was the Time needed to Tame the pagan dogs of Europe, savage Americas was next with African companions learning along the way. still far more work needs to be done for the human dog as their best friend is surely a barking biting savage .
by sambo sami suleiman azar September 16, 2010
A stage that can occur in both males and females and is usually caused by obsession of a sexual partner or local "tools". For males, symptoms include tool fashion statements which including the wearing of timberland boots and collared shorts daily, especially with fruity colors and retreating to hoes rather than bros. For females, the most common symptom is the obsession of a sexual partner that is usually an upperclassman high schooler that everyone hates so he retreats to freshman girls and other symptoms are uploading excessive whorish pictures to facebook. People in the dark age are referred to as dark agers, dark vaders, tools, gumby flames, or gumbys.
Person 1: Should we invite Nate over?

Person 2: Naaaa he's in the Dark Ages!
by Mr. Groller May 31, 2011
The Dark Age was a time in medieval history when everyone was suffering from starvation, plague, bad weather which led to bad crops, and heresy. This period went on until the Gods decided to do something by creating the Bobo pass.
God 1: The humans are in the Dark Age, should we help them?
God 2: Sure, let’s create the Bobo pass.
by hisikbay July 10, 2019
Use this term to refer to a relationship that you would rather not acknowledge.
"Didn't you date jacob Ross?"
"cmon Kaitlyn we don't talk about the dark ages..."
by thedarkages May 21, 2017