1. The one reason there will never be world peace. See politician.
Human nature accounts for the flaws in this and every other society that has ever existed before us and will ever exist long after we have departed this world.
by OmniScourge February 1, 2005
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It is human nature to be self centered, to be stereotypical, to find a grudge and milk it for everything it is worth... (Not to contradict myself) this human nature can be regulated to a point just like everything else. The manner of upbringing and moral support has a lot in the regulation of human nature
You baby sit your neighbor’s children for five hours now you want fifty dollars... not because the people are generous but because you "deserve" something for you services... human nature?

It is human nature to hold on the a grudge... blacks thinking that they are still oppress as they were during the times of slavery and at the turn of the century...but NOT A SINGLE PERSON ON EITHER SIDE is still alive NO WHITE OR BLACK PERSON who was present during that time.
*with no intension of being offensive*... slavery is over. I am sorry that it happened to anyone at all at anytime but the human race has and is moving past that time, maybe the races of people need to do that as well?
by Regina1 August 2, 2006
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A stupid excuse that people use to act like irresponsible idiots. Ignoring the fact that they are individuals with their own free will and choose to be irresponsible.
People often use this excuse, human nature, to act like dicks or be selfish to others. They believe that humans are naturally aggressive or selfish which is not true. Everything human beings do is determined by choices you make.

People use "human nature" as an excuse for virtually every wrong doing or idiotic mistake they manage to come up with as a simple excuse to avoid responsibility.

If you are speeding down the highway just because you don't see a cop nearby and want to get somewhere fast, please kill yourself. You are driving inconsiderately and risking your safety as well as putting not only you but other people's lives in danger. No one should drive selfishly without thinking about others just so they can cheat and get to their destination faster. Some people speed when they don't see cops around and end up getting tickets. If you drive in an idiotic, retarded manner like this, please suicide. You're a moron if you do it.

People should always try and obey the speed limit and wear seatbelts like a normal decent human being is expected to. Not sometimes, ALL the time, morons.

The same thing goes for other things like littering. Don't throw it out your fucking vehicle window because you're fucking lazy. Throw it in the trash wherever your destination is, dumbasses. You people using human nature as an excuse to be irresponsible are the reasons why I believe stupid people should be totally eradicated and only select Intelligent people should be allowed to live.
by Kongamuse November 6, 2011
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See fascism, schizophrenia and histrionic

People that act completely on their instincts are not even worthy to be called a "human".

Human nature, an infection inside us all that will take millions of years to evolve out of..
by HumanExcretemen October 8, 2007
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(Idiom) What is natural to humans. These traits are considered to be bad by society in general.

(n.) A madonna song with lyrics that pretty much sum up how to sell records without a huge deal of talent.
Human nature; Stealing, lying (Considered to be bad, but is a rather useful trait if done well), hating, jealousy, greed etc.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 6, 2004
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An excuse for people to be dicks to each other.
An invalid argument usually used against Anarchy and Communism.

The impulse to survive. If the best way to survive in a given society is to compete and gather more wealth than the next guy, humans in that society will strive to compete. Likewise, if survival requires cooperation, then the human will strive for cooperation.
"Ner ner ner, human nature. Now I can pretend I'm not ignorant about two political theories which I've never bothered to research or consider."

by Michael Gagne May 3, 2007
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The state of being chronically late for everything (practices, etc.) and not being able to change it.
This is human nature-hood!! You need to be able to get outta bed on time! You do this over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over...
by Jagbag!! October 6, 2010
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