punk is a type of music with an attitude in it, the kind of music that says i dont give a fuck about what you think. yet a lot of bands can really have a message about how fucked up the system is and what exactly is wrong with the government. punk music sounds like sped up rock with a hard edge. but look out, there is a lot of fake bands who try to sneak in with an edge so dont let that fool you. first of all, crying about your girlfriend dumping you does not make you punk. good charlotte and fall out boy messed up big time on that so dont EVER call them punk. punk originated, or at least got the idea in 1969. no, not the mid 80s, 1969. punk just got POPULAR in the 80s thats all. there were a lot of punk bands before the 80s, such as the stooges (1969), the misfits, the clash, black flag, the sex pistols, FEAR, the adicts, the ramones, and much more. many people have been saying that punk has died out. and for all the dumbasses who say that, no it didn't. if you listen to the underground you can see that every band is still carrying it on. so if you ever wanna know how things are going, get your ass off those razor blades, mascara, and "my chemical romance", and figure it out.
punk bands are the adicts, ramones, UK SUBS, the misfit, FEAR, GBH, the stooges, the clash, dead kennedys, the exploited, chaos UK, aus rotten, social distortion, minor threat, discharge, subhumans, black flag, KSF, and stuff like that
by Horrorshow820 October 08, 2007
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when you listen to punk, it makes you feel angry and alive, you want to make shit and fuck shit up, and in that moment you really honestly don't give a fuck what anybody thinks about you. that's what punk is about. it doesn't matter what you look like or what you listen to; it's about feeling that raw energy. punk is like the statue you get to touch in a museum full of things you have to stand six inches away from. and now you're going to make it yours.
seriously, put on some punk and see if you can feel it.
by hemorrhage July 09, 2010
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Punk is a lifestyle.
A mental state.
The need to shake off all supression.
To be FREE.
Remember that word, Free.
It's listening to the Ramones in a basement with friends while smoking a blunt.
It's kicking over a sign and saying FUCK THAT.
It's defying the rules that you see to be unfit.
It's defying the system that you see to be stupid.
It's Punk.

A poser is that who will take this definition.
Go out, and do exactly what was written.
"A guy walks up to me and asks 'What's Punk?'. So I kick over a garbage can and say 'That's punk!'. So he kicks over the garbage can and says 'That's Punk?', and I say 'No that's trendy!"
by Vatani March 13, 2007
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Punk isn't "all about the music". Punk isn't beating up people you don't like. Punk is rebelling against what you don't believe in. Punk is the DIY ethic. You are not a punk if you shop at Hot Topic. No, rephrase that, you aren't a punk if you claim to be one BECAUSE of the fact that you shop at Hot Topic. Many people say punk is not buying into big corporations. True, but its okay to give in every once in a while. Punk is not being a total asshole to everyone you see, and excluding people because they aren't "punk" enough. Punk is all about being you, not what MTV tells you to be.

And no, having a mohawk doesn't make you punk. Neither does watching SLC Punk.
Ignorant twit wearing Simple Plan shirt: Oh my god, I look totally punx rawks right now!!
Me: ...Are you stupid?
Ignorant twit: Whatever, you just wish you were a real punk.
Me: Jebus, you probably don't even know what DIY stands for. Pathetic...
Ignorant twit: Whatever, I have a Good Charlotte concert to go to.
Me: And I have a Bloodclots show to go to. Off with you!
by ThePunkRockKid March 28, 2009
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None of these definitions

Punk is punk

pure and simple

if you have to look up a definition

then you'll never know
Is this punk? You just asked me...so the answer is no
by Atomixx90 March 02, 2006
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i dont give a fuck, that should sum it up quite nicely.
think for yourself and then you'll understand what punk is and not what they say it should be.
by p-rock of above the arch December 13, 2008
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There is no definition. It can be anything you want it to be. It's who you are, and there is no definition to that.
_______ : "Punk is dead!"
---------- : "There is no definition of punk, it will never die."
by You, me, everyone. January 24, 2010
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