For a biologic organism, the genome is the entire set of hereditary information in DNA form (in some virus, RNA), needed for that organism to replicate itself.
It was many years before the the Human Genome Project was completed.
by Guido1 March 21, 2008
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A crazy guy on msn and IRC. Does stuff and thinks about the consequences later.
genome just glined another poor soul just for a laugh.
by John Paul McAuley October 2, 2004
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the study of genomes and genes.
He teaches genomics at the university.
by uttam maharjan April 5, 2012
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1. One who departed India during the partition and moved to the Philippines to start a new life. Settled in Manila and may or may not have left the Philippines but will always consider "1207" home base.
You can't just make yourself a Genomal, you're either born a Genomal, or chosen to become one.
by Shawn Genomal September 20, 2007
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A policy of discrimination towards a individual or group due to the presence of markers within their genetic code.

The doctrine or system under which a individual(s) identifiable genetic markers makes them open for discrimination. Under Genomism, a person can be accessed and determined fit or unfit for a occupation, activity or even inclusion within the society itself, all without consideration of personal achievements, ability or demeanor.

This can extend to imprisoning a person in which no crime had (yet) been committed but which a person has a genetic makeup indicating a likelihood of crime.

To (il)legally discriminate due to a DNA analysis.
"I didn't get the job because they sampled my DNA and determined that I had a 37% likelihood of reduced proficiency..."

See film: GATTACA (1997)
by Flip February 18, 2005
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The study of Noms.
During Genomics are teacher grabbed a watermelon and proceeded to show us nom, as he Om nom nom nom'ed on it.
by Taiki Kazuma October 20, 2008
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The scientific process by which the specific genetic coding of infectious agents are systematically evaluated in order to determine shifts in regional infectivity, percentage of disease relative to similar variants and identification novel gene sequences capable of antibody generated vaccine escape as targets for booster immunization.
Are you at all concerned about COVID variants causing a resurgent pandemic?
Are you kidding me? Ain't no virus causin' people sickness. I ain't skeert, no way.
What about genomic surveillance to help identify and track disease transmission?
They can do whatever they want with their own garden gnomes; leave mine out of it!
I see. Thank you very much for the interview Senator.
by YAWA April 20, 2021
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