n. (noun)

1. The act to make changes to one's lifestyle positively. This is not limited to exercise, taking up a new hobby, participating in more social events, meditation, adding an extra-curricular, or intellectual enrichment.

2. A really good excuse to cop-out and leave a relationship, disguised under the pretense of definition 1. Leaving the significant other in a fashion that does not sound as threatening as "Let's be friends."
1. "I've gained some weight over the past couple months. I think I'm going to start hitting the gym and getting back in church to try and get out of this rut. So hopefully, this works instead of one of those bullshit self-improvement classes. "

2. Emily told Dustin she was breaking up with him because she needed to improve herself. In actuality, Emily improved herself by dumping Dustin in a clever self-improvement ruse he would accept without knowing her true intentions.
by MagicalPiano August 21, 2010
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Self improvement, such as working out is as useless as masturbation. All it does is make you feel good about yourself, but in reality accomplishes nothing.
by Tyler Nedrud October 15, 2007
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