Someone who is overly concerned with conventional morals and will often kick up a fuss over nothing. Typically, the word is used to describe someone with a petty, mechanical and shallow sense of morality; characterized by dogma and conventionality rather than reason, with no regard for context or nuance.
Person A: Swearing is bad in any context and should be criminalized! Think of the children!
Person B: They're only words. I could think up far more more vulgar things using only plain dictionary words than the use of any of one swear word. It's a non-issue. You're just being moralistic.
by FollyAdvice January 15, 2018
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Pompous and judgmental upbraiding of someone according to a rule-book which you probably don't share
Moralistic Labor multiculturalism spokeswoman Michelle Rowland called on the PM to act (on Eric Abetz' use of the term 'Negro'). "It's 2015", she said, "just about every right-minded human recognises that it's a deeply offensive term"
by October 23, 2015
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A person who does some shitty things til it weakens him too long, and bounces back a while doing the right or no-wrong until they feel up to doing shitty things again.
Moral bet hedging.
The YoYo Moralist hedged his bets with a weak of clean living.
by pornstitute October 19, 2023
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