When every single other orifice can not excrete faeces except for the dick hole and it forcibly comes out at any time, place or situation.
"Johnny couldn't take a dump, he ended up doing a dickshit"
by drtrumpsalot November 16, 2016
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A badass chick with a fiery temper and zero tolerance for bullshit. She's intelligent, weird as hell (sometimes you may think she's on drugs but she's probably not) and funny. She can be really judgemental and mean at times, especially when speaking her mind, which she does often as a Beatrice is very opinionated and a bit of a control freak. However she has a very big heart that is almost as big as her butt. When she has a boyfriend her guards come up, way up. she's loyal and will take your secret to the grave but has a tendency to make a joke of everything, keeping her emotions to herself except when blowing up at bitches who are bothering her close circle of friends. A Beatrice is not exactly what you'd call approachable as most people think she's either a nerd or a raging bitch but it suits her.
Bitch: "Stop talking about me."

Beatrice: "Aww, you think all my comments are about you? Relax, you're not the only stupid fuck I know."

Guy 1: Hey that girl Beatrice has a nice ass

by desa456Bea November 21, 2021
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A smart loving boy who's incredibly talented a freak you can say 😏 he's handsome funny and has an excellent gentle side to him . He has great taste in girlfriends and tends to show his love in abnormal ways ❤
Mujaahid is a great boyfriend
by Samphantom21 November 22, 2021
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people who aren’t from Lao nor does not have blood of a Lao being. They are consider a so called ‘Laoboo’ and should stop... Genuinely common to other name ‘Koreaboo’ people who want to be this culture instead of their own and want to switch. in other words “over obsessed..”
Laotian: *in lao* oh you fluent in Lao

The ‘Laoboo’: i’m legit huh ! *speaks in Lao too*
Laotian: * in lao* haha no... you Laoboo (laughs 555)
The ‘Laoboo’ : *speechless* ...
by Annuoo August 2, 2019
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The I.T. version of "crie"
To cry and die at the same time
Co-worker: Business partner is calling again, it looks like they serviced the wrong printer.
Me: I crie
by Diztro May 19, 2018
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adj: describing an event that is extremely excruciating to bare through.
Man: I have to go to the Opera with my brother and his annoying wife...its going to be a soul sucking night.

Rash: Oh man, finals are 3 weeks away, what a soul sucking month its going to be.
by Jonny Iosim November 1, 2010
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One which is a person who gives assistance; patron; supporter. A fellow comrade.
What up Brix!
by Rainsferd B. Jackson March 17, 2010
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