If it exists, there is porn of it. If there isn't, there will be.

Only one known exception: rule 34 itself.
1: Hey, do you know if there's any Power Rangers porn out there?
2: Rule 34.
by nsrtnmhr September 07, 2011
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Australian slang. The term is derived from and is another way in saying, “not here to fuck around. I am here to get the job done”.” Stop wasting time we have things to do”.

It also can be used as declaration that a person has arrived at place of work or sporting team etc…with set of goals and is determined to meet them.

Can be used as reply to obvious question.

Also can be used around women and children as “not here to fornicate with arachnids’"
1. "Mate look at this"...Barry
" Barry, we are not here to Fuck Spiders, get back to it."...boss

2. "Do you think we can win the championship?"...Player
"Well I am not here to Fuck Spiders"...Coach

3. "Digging a hole mate"
“Well I am not here Fuck Spiders"
by Parker26 August 19, 2010
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A beautiful girl who is loved by everyone, she is good at making friends and has a very good sense of humor. She is very smart, pretty and very sensitive at times. She is an extraordinary person and is a great friend. She is very caring, kind and has a great personality. She is very emotional and can be tough to handle at some points but at the end of the day she is a loving person to everyone.
John: "Anika is a very beautiful girl."
by By unkown December 18, 2015
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When masturbating, right before blowing your load, yell "MOM!" or "DAD!" and try to finish before said person enters the room.
Oh man, i cant go out tonight i got grounded when i failed the suicide jerk.
by FudgePackerTodd October 14, 2010
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from the Sopranos series, meant to reproduce the sound of "stu cazz" from the Naples dialect when read out loud, originally from the Italian " 'sto cazzo" (short for "questo cazzo").

Literally "this dick", this term has no relations with other body parts such as balls or anything else "cazzo" only means "dick". Seriously I'm from Italy, born here, the other definitions are pretty dumb.

It's used in Italy mostly as a dumb joke when one asks a question that implies the other person to ask another one then he replies " 'sto cazzo" to mock the guy.
It's also used as a reply to dumb questions especially when the answer is obvious.
Marco: Hey dude, guess who told me to say hi to you?
Paolo: who?
Marco: Sto cazzo !! (stugots!!) <<meaning "nobody" in this particular case>>

Marco e Chiara live together:
Chiara: Do you know who ate my cookies?
Marco: Sto cazzo! <<dumb question, they are the only 2 people living the house, meaning "who the fuck you think it would be other than me, this dick?!" in this particular case>>
by quaggacronz October 22, 2015
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Angry Racoon; while engaging in straight doggystyle sex just before the male is about to ejaculate he takes both of his index fingers and in one swift motion shoves them knuckle deep inside his partners Asshole much to her surprise of course, she simultaneously flexs every muscle in her body as a result which aids the male in his ultimate goal and in a rage filled reaction as she turns to look him in the eyes he extracts his fingers and very rapidly uses them to make qwik circle shapes around her enraged eyes and before he even done with that he's already running for the door being sure to kick the garbage can over on his way out!
Dustin-"Duuuude, I totally slipped that slut the old Angry Racoonlast night it was Epic!"
Tyler-"WTF Bra, you know she my sister why would U tell me that?"
by Vendetta Fist February 20, 2017
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