Used when someone is Very existed about something
MrBeast: You won 10000000$
Winner: OMG jkfhjkhdlkjhfdjkanjdk idk what to say
by Potatoman_Hatoom June 5, 2022
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Obvi = Obviously

Created by Vijay
p1: you came up with the word obvi
p2: obvi
by Obvi_creator October 29, 2010
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Eleftheria is a girl Greek name which means freedom.
She is spectacular, gorgeous, smart with a nice sense of humor kind and has beautiful eyes that you fall for. Also she is always insecure for something about her and the friend to always ask for help.
-Look it's Eleftheria !

-Wow she's really pretty!
by November 20, 2021
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He is a O.G because he has a fire crotch.
by bowwowlover4 June 4, 2017
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Funny herpes. The sort your ex gets. Also known as schadenfreude herpes.
T-Wolf's friend: Yo T-Wolf! I heard Alisson caught some bug from Robert.
T-Wolf: It's probably heheherpes.
by The Man from La Mancha February 23, 2011
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Batman versus Superman, a movie that came out in Spring 2016
We watched BvS on last weekend, and it was only ok
by Big Lupu May 29, 2016
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A sexual position where one gentleman flaps their arms squawking until another gentleman comes up behind them and places their head between their legs like a penguin's egg. The second gentleman then promptly places the first gentleman's genitalia in his mouth. Then the first gentleman proceeds to waddle around until he releases his load onto the pavement.
Hey, James, Wanna try the pingu??
by JustAcceptMyName May 16, 2017
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