She slim slammed me. She told me one thing expected and then in same breathe gave me bad news.
by Kobabe November 21, 2017
Standard - assumed. part of the natural way of things. the way things have always been.
It is std that people miss interpret what you write, to make it funnier to them.
by Majenwyn December 31, 2011
the shit of a bull.

a lie or untruth of such a fucking degree that this asshole understands that it is "Bullshit"
That bull made some Bullshit.
Dragons exist.
That's a load of BULLSHIT!
by KiritoKnighte November 4, 2015
Like a traditional blowbang, but involving cunnilingus as well.
Dude, your mom gave me some suckbang blowbang.
by Rev Suckbang June 6, 2021
Cuck is defined as the word between fuck and cunt. Many people may use the word in different situations and the word may be changed to cuckface, cuckhead, cucking and many others
U are a fucking cuckhead.
Holy mother cucking Jesus.
by MooingRabbit June 17, 2010
Name of an unconventional wild west themed gay bar in central London where legend has it rookie corousers who cower into the seedy establishment are chaperoned from behind by the landlord as a way of introduction.
by LouieFerook January 5, 2016
an asian duck that can not pronounce the word yellow
dude, did you hear her say yellow? It sounded like rero. She's a total lynna.
by fruity in the booty June 25, 2008