Killing someone in your own gang, but who is in a different set. i.e. a different street but in the same gang
Man the bloods beset trippin mofos in da same gang
by AC July 23, 2003
Jule is a beautiful girl inside and out. Her hair is golden like autumn leaves and her teeth are as bright as the light of the moon. She takes great care of her physical health and tries to help others wherever she can.
She is very special and has a great positive impact on all the people she has met.
Give her a new situation and new surroundings and she’ll find her place as soon as she arrives.
She gives love to the people that need it most and she finds it hard to stop loving and cherishing them even though they might have hurt her.
Jule also has a beautifully shaped bottom and a wonderfully pirky bosom.
Her paradise eyes will instantly make you feel adventurous and full of creativity.
Jules Body will make you want to lose your mind ;)

And her brain will make you question your mental capacities in any given situation.
A Jule will make your wildest dreams a Reality ;) get yourself a Jule she’s the best.
by contentgirl115 November 21, 2021
a way to tell some one they are useless and should fuck off.
hey billy, grow tits and fuck right off.
by august gomes August 1, 2005
the king of sexi cunts.

brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "sexi cunt"....
he has brought his sexiness to a whole new level.
The girls jus want him

buh da old men jus grab him
by yap March 24, 2004
A great person who laughs and is a freshie! She is also quite fit! She is never looking butterz, hate and hates skelas!
Wow! Shes a Priyanka
by Miss8989 October 5, 2011