The name of a person who acts in an arrogant manner.

Person 1: "Stop being such a nob-end spungleboy!"
Spungle boy: "OK"
by Sir Jonboy Spungmaster February 03, 2006
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Someone who is very important, powerful, and influential -a president, for example-
At the Grammy awards the other week, an unusual note was struck by Michael Greene, a record industry bigwig.
by mrtt May 29, 2006
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The action of grabbing / plucking a duck out of a mass of water, generally a lake.
Ex: Jeremy went to the private lake yesterday to do some good old ducking.
by Elapse November 08, 2020
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Basically an insulting slang word for people of Hispanic origin. Be careful who you use the term around.
Juan: Bruh ain't no way imma be walkin past some hic.
Mary: Every time I walk past some group of hics they always whistle and flirt to me in Spanish.
by Edp420 December 21, 2020
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Welp, that’s my name. I got brown hair and blue eyes like some say, relatively tall like some say Brayden’s are. Lots of people seem to be named Brayden but that’s ok. I am super hot in my opinion, but it seems other girls beg to differ.
Hey look, his name is Brayden

Yeah, that’s his name. How interesting
by This website is hilarious August 26, 2021
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