Probably the most arrogant guy you'll ever meet. Nils typically has a complete lack of self-insight and will blame anyone or anything for problems they have. Never bring a Nils to a party, as he will scare off any potential relations with anyone if he is around you. If you have to bring a Nils anywhere, make sure to keep your distance and treat him like he is your brother and your mother made you take care of him while she was out.

A Nils may be smart, but he only uses his intelligence to bring others down or to make himself look like the smartest person in the room. Usually by shouting, gesticulating, and calling names.

On the bright side, Nils usually stays at home in his mom's apartment playing pool on his Nokia (and sending angry voice messages to people he meets online) and therefore his impact on society is extremely low.

Most Nils' are better off in distant countries where they don't understand his advanced English and his angry and unwarranted debating is seen as cute and because he is there to spend money on cheap beer and apartments the natives will treat him kindly.
-Hey guys, okay if Nils joins us at the party?

-Eh, could you make some excuse? Would rather not have him there, he always gets in a fight or argues with a girl that will eventually blunt a cigarette in his face because he is so disrespectful. And then we have to listen to his whining all night long about how she was sensitive and not willing to discuss women's rights "peacefully" or some stupid shit like that.
by iaMai September 20, 2020
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A non-offensive version of shitcunt, useful for public places
by reecenscott January 12, 2010
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supper hot guy. Would date if I could. Only if I was born in time. Damn. He’s supper fine and like the only celebrity that can pull off so many hair styles like omg
hey man Ralph macchio shot
by nh_nikiminaje February 11, 2022
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liz: did you hook up with matt?
mary: nah dude, i was TDTF.
liz: damn, well better luck next time.
by becca dc September 11, 2010
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gook, dink, charlie, or any other asian bastard.
We killed so many slides in the Viet war.
by Oswaldo Sanchez April 4, 2005
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A large individual with a shape that resembles the popular character 'Bigweld' from the 2005 film 'Robots'
Heckin' heck I've spotted a Weld outside the pub
by NotIVSwarm November 15, 2018
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When your having some serious hotdog luck in the woods and you make some hotdog water in your pants. Then starts sleeping through jeans
Hiker one: man I think I just dropped my butter

Hiker two: no man, look ahead. The trail, it’s gone.

Hiker one: oh shit
Hiker two: dude your leaking hotdog water
by Satansbaby666 April 30, 2020
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