"You're lip balm, right?"
by realbunny October 3, 2022
A band that suck so bad that it will make you loose braincells by the thousands.
Limp bhizkit suck man!
by The mailman October 21, 2019
Lake Superior State University; The smallest public university in Michigan. It is in Sault Sainte Marie. Google thinks it's in Canada that's how far North it is.
"I go to LSSU"
"Huh, you mean that eskimo village on the edge of Michigan?"
by thegigglyone November 1, 2011
What (do) you mean?
by ninraeth September 27, 2018
Dangerous to be around, you’ll definitely fall in love with his aura . His tounge will melt you in his mouth . His kiss will make you feel like the only woman in the world
Don’t let Trelani around your girl, he might leave with her.
by Heeeemm November 23, 2021
Suck Tommy´s dick day! btw send him nudes.
Hi, its november 26, suck tommy´s dick!
by Knut pedersen October 16, 2019
Defition of cashed- Marijuana, drugs, alchohol and other bad things occuring usaully at a party and the next day your cashed
Dude, i was so cashed from those beers last night!
by Jo jo jo hanna February 22, 2008