Ok ok hear me out: there's "yeet," and then "yote" is the past tense of "yeet" (to have yeeted)-- so what does that make "Yoted"??? "Yeet-eeted"?!?!?
Person 1: Ahhh shit man, that dude livin down the street yoted me the other day!
Person 2: tf??? what the hell does that mean?
Person 1: the man YEETEETED me.
Person 2: ???
by Yodel-Ay-Yodel-Ay-YEET-YOTE November 21, 2017
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An expression a gay man says about an extremely attractive man. "...I want to drink his babies" means swallowing a hot man's semen.
He's so hot I want to drink his babies.
by Platunis July 24, 2014
A super lit person that always makes the people around him laugh. He might seem quite but he is a really loud person and when you get to know him he is charming
by ManMadness April 4, 2018
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asshole, anus, or rectum, especially in relation to anal sex.
My boyfriend and I were fucking like rabid dogs and he totally slipped out of my va-jay-jay and went for the bat cave.
by Sunamy February 3, 2009
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