Delacrimation ( IPA: dĕlăk″rə-mā′shən ) , is when someone cry so much that they ran out of tears to cry. It can be used as an noun or an adjective, the past tense of delacrimation is “delacrimationed” and the future tense is “delacrimationing”. Delacrimation composted of the prefix ‘de’ and ‘lacrimation’, the word for an excess amount of tears.
Oh poor James, he just broke up with his boyfriend lastnight, and now he cried so much he delacrimationed ) :冫

The Titanic movie was so emotional I’m delacrimationing T∩T

Crying too much may lead to delacrimation OwO
by I ❤️ baguette 🥖 August 22, 2021
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A city in the North West of England. It is culturally diverse, has a thriving commercial side, nightlife is second to none and full of welcoming, fun people. It is hated by scousers (liverpudlians), mainly due to their narrow world view. The Manchester music scene is very much alive and happening now. The city is welcoming at all hours. This is the only city which deserves Capital of Culture status in the North West.
I had to wait for 3hrs for a connecting coach at 2am one morning in Manchester. The city was crowded, buzzing and there was a great atmosphere, if I could have I would have missed my connection and joined in the fun.
by Vintage62 June 13, 2006
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the owner of the micro penis. his penis is so small that when hes fucking, the girls says 'enough with the pinkie already put it in' Looks like a girl but is a guy.
whats a rylee
by hjbqwdf ,masndbvftq November 21, 2016
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The whole world knows the beautiful dark brown man who has the sexiest smile and voice in the realm, the man who is banned for roaming the earth for the simple fact of being too handsome. Avan the one and only brown chocolate man.
Wife: "have you heard about Avan-"

Husband: "Do not say his name you will get pregnant!! please honey i cant lose another!"
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Opti indian slang for - Indian pedophile. Is used in many countries to humiliate Indian Fuckboys and Pedophiles online.
"Oh my god, you're such an opti!
by Unknownbloke18058 August 17, 2019
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The act of pouring maple syrup into the Stanley cup, dipping moose antlers into the syrup and then trying to fit the moose antlers into any and every orifice humanly conceivable.
Sean Hannity partakes in Canada's History whenever and wherever he craves maple syrup.
by Aerophagia February 05, 2010
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(n) an acronym for Freak Of The Week. A freak of the Week is a wild, sexy, crazy woman who is great in bed and out partying. See FODaW
You have to be a real man to handle that FOTW!
by Bitch-slappin' mofos since 1989 November 04, 2005
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