When giving Connor a fellatio and he his close to cumming in your mouth, vomit on his dick
Damn I got a dirty Staria last night at the motel.
by Heimlich manuver November 8, 2020
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“OMG the sex was so good I orgasmically urinated!”

“I love it when she orgasmically urinates all over my face”

“All women are capable of orgasmic urination, but not all ever achieve it”
by MapleSyrup87 April 8, 2020
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She is a goofy, cute, wonderful girl that's can make you feel amazing without even saying a word. She’s the kinda girl that would help you after you fall but then will tease you for being clumsy and make you laugh. She’s there when you need her even if you think she doesn't care. She’s a great girlfriend that makes you feel wonderful and amazing. She’s Brandyn.
Boy. : there she goes wish my girlfriend was like Brandyn
by November 21, 2021
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Slang for hippy.
This is a backhanded reference to one of the immortal icons of hippydom, Jerry Garcia.
I knew we had a jerry in our midst when he mentioned it was reggae night at the tap.
by jeff wickliffe May 10, 2006
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Acronym for Fattest Laziest Ugly Smoking Hairy Drug Abusing Fuck.

Bestowed to any who possess the aforementioned qualities. A person of modest genetic appeal who loves to party, have a good time and is laid back with a dash of apathy and a smidge of complacency.

Also a verb: To Flush, meaning to do the act of the qualities mentioned above
I can't believe you woke up at 2pm and the only thing you accomplished was walking from the bed to the Lazy Boy. You've smoked all my cigarettes and drank all my beer. You're such a Flushdaf. Stop flushing around so much, get up, and get more beer.
by Joshua Corn February 28, 2006
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A girl with a petite butt that is perfect in every way and is the reason you wake up in the morning and it gives purpose to your life. The booty you cry yourself to sleep dreaming about. And then finally you see a tiny booty princess in the wild and you are awash with feelings and drift into a world of pure ecstasy.

Guy #1: Do you see that girl right there?
Guy #2: That skinny one in the leggings?
Guy #1: Yes. That, my friend, is a tiny booty princess.
by alexhanly February 27, 2013
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