girl & guy are sleeping. guy quietly gets up, starts beating off, then yells so the girl leans up, then blows on her face.
i so pulled a tennessee alarm clock on my ex to break up with her.
by morgannnnn:) January 5, 2009
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a way to describe a place that's faraway.
person 1 - 'where is it?'

person 2 - 'it's far as fuck.'
by jwalker305 February 11, 2011
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A young man who prides in the beauty of the ones he loves, who's power is with his closest companions. Kaplo is a name of a hero born in the 21st century. He had earned himself the name from his friends of whome he had saved in some way.

One's goal that is to ensure the happiness of others before his own well being. regardless of the cost.
Kaplo is a great name.
Heard of kaplo before?
by Vahlx November 9, 2021
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Girl of many totes, closet smoker, and profession Jeep breaker.
Use a Rachel on freight day and shit gets done. Don't let her drive your car.
by Rennuredalb585 April 17, 2017
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bro. 🗿⁉️ what r u doing here you likely have a deadline tmrw
“I’m typing aeaeae because I am bored and procrastinating.”
by ProfessionalBuntyHead May 21, 2021
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The ability to have your booty poke out in whatever your wearing. (jeans, pajamas, etc)
by Selena_Monroe February 23, 2021
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People who get eyelash extensions on lunch break.
Gina had her brows extended on lunch break again. Baisic.
by Roccotaco92 April 27, 2018
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