everythings strait,or its alrite
somebody do something simple twoards you that could prolly use an appology...like someone step on ya kicks n they say.."ma badd"...if it dont bother u then u like.."its good"
by stylz337 January 22, 2009
Being filled with happiness inside your heart, as you see someone that you haven't seen in awhile that you truly missed.
It can be said like this:"its good to see you again." translating into you having missed their presence and being so glad to see them again.
I missed my best friend so much, that I was filled with joy when I got to see her again, and it meant so much to me.
by theonlyonewhodoesnthaveaclue November 23, 2013
A intervention phrase to use to avoid a debate or argument.
"Man, did you hear what the president wants to do?"
"Its all good man, its all good."
by Big Merl July 4, 2004
1) Everythings fine

2) A popular ebonic phrase used so heavily by white people that they now think they have a green light on other ebonic phrases.
also see wordhoe/word and wordoff the heezy fo sheezy/word
I got shot 217 times but 'its all good'.
by Mook-Flap August 28, 2003
Hey did forget to bring the chips?
Don't worry dude, its allah good, I got them right here.
by starsky888 April 20, 2010
Meaning: everythings ok, you are alright, and there is no trouble around.
Man: someone trying to fight man?
2nd man: Its all good in da hood.
by Rodney Brew April 29, 2011