1. An acid that is commonly used to pour over people if they piss you off too much

2. To hate something (or someone) so much that you want to pour acid onto the thing (or them)

3. A really really good song sung by Bluejuice(the song reffers to definition 2)
1. That cock head Trent fucked my girlfriend so I poured some vitriol on his dick

2. After Trent had sex with my girlfriend I felt vitriol for him

3. "Good luck and dont dare give up give it a little bit of vitriol" (song lyrics)
by yaxit November 2, 2007
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People like this a whole lot more than they will ever admit.
Iam "Man... Looking back, a lot of our older stuff was spewing a lot of vitriol."

Hym "You say that like it's a bad thing!"

Iam "Isn't it? I kind of feel bad..."

Hym "I don't. People love that shit! They just like to be the ones who decide who it's directed at. Go disagree with a 'feminist' and watch her spray you down. Nothing is off limits. Your immutable qualities, your sexuality, anything she can come up with. Disagree with a 'man' and what do you get? You get threatened and berated. You get called a pedophile, a bitch, and you even get racial slurs thrown at you. It's happened to us hundreds of times. And for what? Saying that you don't need to where a mask. I'm a pedophile because masks don't do anything to stop the spread of viruses? Really? Men are trash and because I am a man I, therefore, am trash?"

Iam "But why add to it? Doesn't that make everything worse?"

Hym "Because we're better at it. They only adopt the vitriol when it's convenient. We were born from the vitriol. Molded by it..."

Iam "Wha... Bane?"

Hym "I'm part of the DC canon now. I get to use all their shit without paying for it (because apparently that's how the world works)."
by Hym Iam May 9, 2022
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1. N. One who is addicted to making vitriolic comments to others, often to the detriment of his/herself.
"Is this really the Vitriolic's Anonymous meeting? Wow, you people are a bunch of fucking cunts."
by Bill Ding Blocks November 3, 2013
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Hym "Instead of Vitriolic Gynocentrism? How about a mutual ethical standard to which men and women are held accountable, equally. Like, if a bunch of men being scheduled to come fuck the same disabled girl is wrong; then it is also wrong for women to do it. How does that sound? I don't know. I'm not the genius here."
by Hym Iam May 9, 2022
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