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10 laws a good burglar should always follow...

‎1)Bring a gun (Pretty cheap if you buy it in your local grocery store)

‎2)Bring a car (If you don't buy one after your 20 years in prison)

3) Don't steal candy from a baby...unless he or she is asking for it (It will happen trust me)

4) Don't use your real name...Use ur parther's name to rob a bank (His is usual something too stupid to believe)

5) shoot Richard (always the name of the cop who ends up catching you)

‎6) Get his body and dump it in the bank (I don't know why just do it)

7) Rob the bank (or a place with lots of federal money)

‎8) Run away from cops while listening to banjo music(extra hillbilly-like)

‎9) Crash into a tree and run into a crack house! (optional yet recommended)

10)Eat some mother F@#kin CAKE!!! (A must for a sugar rush to replace the ending of your adrenalin rush)
1) F*@k stupid Richard (Rule 5) is following us (*hits partner*) why didn't you read the F@#king book ya idiot!

2) Dammit, because i didn't get a car (Rule 2) I can't even buy a decent car since i couldn't carry much (Drops fake Burglaw Book, couldn't afford real one) *Facepalms*

3) make up your own in your head why are you making me do everything.!
by *Richard, yes me* October 24, 2011
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