Just because someone is Asian doesn’t mean they’re Chinese
Jimmy: hey look at that Chinese guy
Harold: bruh, he’s been a friend of mine since 1st grade, his name is Jerry and his dad is Japanese and his mom is Korean
by Kidswillbekids July 30, 2019
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Commonly used by some ignorant people as a catch-all term for all Asian Americans and Asian imigrants.
Person # 1: Dude, look at that Chinese girl over there, hot isn't she?

Person # 2: Hey, man, her names Mary, her parents are Korean, and I've known her since middle school!
by Alan May 8, 2004
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Anyone from China or Taiwan. Just because someone is Asian doesn't mean that they're Chinese. Many idiotic people firmly believe that all Chinese people are really smart nerds with small eyes that are quiet, boring, and antisocial. These people are racist and need to get a life. Chinese is just a race and does not define the personality.
She's Chinese, but she has big eyes and isn't quiet at all.

Kevjumba is Chinese.
by An ABC May 4, 2008
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A word overused by everyone in Michigan to describe every Asian person.
"I think she's some kind of Chinese"
by kabud July 11, 2008
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A term commonly used (even today) by non-Asian people calling other Asians "Chinese".
White boy: "What's up, Chinese?"

Asian boy: "I'm not Chinese, I'm Japanese."

White boy: "Whatever, Same shit!"

Asian boy: "No it's not!"
by BeTe November 26, 2009
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A race originating from the country of China. Also the language of the country of Chinese.

Word is also sometimes used to represent Chinese words when you are hearing someone talking in Chinese and have a lack of something to say.
Jack: Ni Hao.
Romin: Chinese Chinese CHINEse
by Alto December 28, 2005
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Anyone or anything originating from China/Hong kong.
egg rolls and noodles are chinese. As are the chinese people.
by Z-rad July 27, 2005
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