I told him we were just friends but he wasn't buying it.
by _40oz December 30, 2009
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Something you do when you can't find it on a peer-to-peer app.
I've even tried SoulSeek to get the Barry Manalow LP, shit I'll have to buy
by joly1 September 26, 2003
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He went to buy sneakers
by Rory October 6, 2002
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oh yea kalea was totally cappin ong I was not buyin it.
by Jus1rj November 15, 2019
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Most used Bahamian slang term. Has many uses such as emphasizing a command that follows it or replacing certain words, such as boy.
BUI you ugly dread.

by Freeportboi January 3, 2010
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Bui is a Bahamian bastardization of the English word boy.
Bui is generally used to refer to males but in recent times has become unisex.

Bui can be used interchangeably with boy, girl, guy, man, woman, friend, enemy acquaintance, stranger and many more.

To understand Bui more you’ll need exposure to Bahamian culture

Bui is not a true-to-word spelling but is a commonly accepted one. There is generally no accepted spelling for the word bui.

Younger generations (those born approx. 90’s onwards) have taken the word “Bui” and evolved it “Bey” which is pronounced exactly how it is spelt.

Bui phonetically sounds like: bah’yee or buh’yee
Bey is simply pronounced as “Bay” not to Ben confused with the American “Bae”.
1. Bahamian: Ha’ad go bui .
Proper English Translation: How is it going.

2. Bahamian: see! that’s the bui right there.
Proper English Translation: look! there’s the guy right over there.

3. Bahamian: One bui just been in the store and robbed the registers

Proper English Translation: A man came into the store and robbed the registers

4. Bahamian: Bui I’ne know
Proper English Translation: Boy I do not know.
by GolfRomeo242 September 18, 2018
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When a company does something to a product that in no way makes it more appealing to potential buyers. Often having to do with pay-per-view events.
Raj: "Brooke Hogan will be performing, too."
Vince: "No buys."
by Xobile January 6, 2008
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