Male name. German origin. Meaning: Famous Spearman.
Roger is a boy. An amazing boy. His smile could give you the warm fuzzies!! He's a hard worker and loves chocolate. He's impulsive at times, but when he takes time to think things through he can make magic happen. You could get lost in this boy's eyes. He's a bit of a nerd, and slightly dorky at times. Often Rogers are happy go lucky, but can get depressed every now and then. A Roger would do anything for you, but you should never take advantage of them. They require love and affection. Rogers tend to lock their feelings up, but when you open them up a bit they can show you a ridiculous love like no other. They'll tease you, but protect you too. A Roger would never want to hurt you and will always make you feel loved. He has a puppy-like charm. The kind of boy you'd want to fall in love with.
Roger, I am without a doubt in love with you. <3
by A"Silly"Girl February 21, 2011
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Roger is hot, funny, hot, and he is kind of an asshole but that doesn't matter because he is still hot. He is taken so you ladies out there better watch out because his wife will beat your ass. Roger is a seductive son of a bitch, And really seems to like Tsunderes.

He is six and yeah. He is a blue demon, isnt that hot?
Kitkat: That guy is such a roger.
Chan: That guys hot.

Kitkat: No he is not.
Chan: He is amazing.
Kitkat: shut it.
Chan: * Writes that he is cool. *
by ImHavingAStrokeBaby May 07, 2020
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An unfortunate name for a pilot to have.
Other pilot : "Righto. Roger Roger."
Roger : "Why'd you roger Roger me?"
Other pilot : "Because I always say 'roger'."
Roger : "But why say it twice?"
Other pilot : "Well, I'd've said it to you, regardless of your name. I mean-"
Roger : "Okay, shut up now-"
Other pilot : "-If your name had been Steve, I would've said 'roger Steve'-"
Roger : "Shudafukap or I'll crash the plane!"
by molartooth January 06, 2010
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Roger is a sweet caring loving guy he is so cute and loves to joke around he is the best boyfriend ever and I would give up everything for him. He made me fall in love with him instently And I can't imagine a day without him. Although he can be sorta an ass hole sometime he knows how to make u feel loved. When I meant him I new I would like him it was like a puzzle he just fitted into place in my heart.he lights up my world more than anyone I have everment and he is always there. I just want him to know how much he really means to me.
I love Roger.
Roger is my world.
by Jello and jelly September 18, 2021
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A Roger is loyal and loving.
A Roger is kind, warm-hearted and supportive.
A Roger is a gentleman.
A Roger will never cheat on you.
A Roger is slightly old-school.
A Roger loves cuddling and sweet, tender kisses!
A Roger is the best person you could meet.
Usually Rogers are Europeans.
A Roger is generally quirky, cool, eccentric, quiet and introspective.
Rogers have beautiful and calm souls.
"Ah, thank you so much sir! You're such a Roger."
"I wish all men could be Rogers"
by blondiesoprano January 29, 2009
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(verb.) To roger someone is to push them to their maximum sexual climax, even if you have already reached yours.

(adj.) Roger is slang for a sexual legend.
"I rogered her so hard that I came 5 times."

"Man, that guy i was fucking last night was such a Roger."
by Ayuamarca May 02, 2010
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