1. A way of dealing with burglars.
2. A silly American English version of burgle, or 'to enter property forcibly or illegally'.
"Plagued by housebreakers? Troubled by thieves? Then use our new patented Burglarizer(tm) and burglarize them away!"
by richard May 21, 2003
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To steal from houses,schools,stores or cars
My house was burglarized the guy stole a stereo
by ajwalias May 4, 2008
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a thief who enters a house,store,school,car with the intent to steal
by ajwalias May 4, 2008
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Lloyd burgled performed the burglar on Rachel when she was drunk on friday.
by yungj June 24, 2007
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A woman who tries to trap a man by getting herself knocked up.

Obvious giveaways: she decides to have the baby anyway. Even when he says he’s not into it. And then of course tries to lock him down.

Often the plan fails, which leads to repeat offenders. A single mom with a baby or very young kid who wants lots of wild sex is highly suspect. Many try it again with a new target.

“Oops, I forgot to take my pill!” is the favorite method. But sperm burglars also poke holes in condoms, steal jizz out of discarded condoms, or simply scoop the cum inside her after he comes in her mouth or on her chest. It only takes one sperm to do the job.

See also: daddy issues, Dependent Personality Disorder, stage 5 clingers.
John: Jane is perfect for me—she loves all the kinky shit I do to her—even cumming on her face!

Roger: Don’t fall for that man. You know Dave didn’t want to have a kid, right? But she’s a sperm burglar, and she got him. He escaped though, so now she’s desperate to hook some new schmuck to take care of her and her expensive little mini.

John: Damn! No wonder she seemed too good to be true.
by Big Dongky October 19, 2019
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One who burgles houses, or steals from other places, naked.

Sometimes done to avoid leaving evidence, but mainly just for the thrill of it.
Jack the naked burglar broke into the Smith's house, stole money and jewellery, had a wank and left.
by Witch of the West September 22, 2007
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1.) One who breaks into another's ass during the night.
2.) Penix
Someone broke into my home last night. My ass is pretty sore right now.
by brandon + darren September 17, 2003
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