An old English Familly name.

The name is a symbol of craftsmanship, skill, beauty and general Badassery. There has never been non badass Smith and they are the sexiest people you will ever meet. They are loyal, strong and they will always protect each other
She is so fine. She must be a Smith
by queen of kings February 7, 2017
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Smith is a universal word. It is the word of all words. It can be put anywhere in a sentence and is considerd grammaticaly and socially acceptable.
I totally smithed that girl last night. I had to take a smith. or simply: Smith smith smith.
by Kevin hung Brown March 18, 2008
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Verb 1. To drink far in excess of all other wedding reception participants, guests, officiants, or attendants at an open bar and to actively disrupt the celebratory event by means cutting in line to the open bar, blocking access to the open bar, being excessively gregarious, loud, insulting, self-depricating, and ending the night by being completely and utterly inebriated to the point of committing an unspeakable act such as vomiting all over one's self and others while in a heavily occupied passenger or commuter vehicle.

Verb 2. To be "that guy," at a wedding.

Present tense: To Smith. Past Tense: Smithed.

See Also: Jackass
That wedding would have been great had that tall dude with spikey hair not Smithed it.
by iwasthere June 13, 2013
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Word Can Be Used For Almost Everything.
1.Last Name
2.First Name
3.Type Of Apple
1.Tanya Smith
2.Smith Newman
3. Dude, Those Smith Apples Are So Nice
4. John Is A Smith
5. Smith, Smith Smith
6. Smith,Tanya
by Venom Beast The Second July 6, 2014
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Slang term for a Smith and Wesson handgun, either a revolver or autoloader.
Hermes the Pimp wore a nickel plated Smith in his shoulder holster.

Roscoe put his Smith to Carl's dome and insisted that payment for the rock sold him on Tuesday was due today.
by Gatorfarmer March 15, 2006
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A word referring to female genitalia or females in a sexual way.
1. Let's go hit the dirty dancefloor, I'm hunting some smith tonight.
2. Geez that bitch has some hairy smith.
by smithhunter April 7, 2011
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