Precedes or follows either a gratuitously disrespectful or honest remark, originated in New York City. Used in similar fashion to "no offense" or "to be honest," interchangeably.
Ya mans is wild buns, respectfully. Respectfully he's washed.

After school, The Modells on Jamaica Ave was active. Respectfully.
by john quan the first December 20, 2020
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Im respectfully boutta beat his ass

Ong bro she was talking respectfully
by Teishda September 12, 2021
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disrespectfully, but for new yorkers.
New York Girl: "You a bitch, respectfully."
Guy: "She definitely meant that disrespectfully."
by Ryce The Belgian July 20, 2023
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A thing you say to make sure things are all good and you mean no harm
Person one: I fucking hate the shit out of you
Person two: *cries*
Person one: but respectfully

Person two: *stops crying* ok cool
by Thatsuperswagperson April 5, 2021
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something you say after saying something hella disrespectful
Random Person:Hey-
Another Random Person :Stfu respectfully
Random Person: I aint even say nothing
by leviscumdumpster April 9, 2021
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Dripping with sarcasm and patronizing the ignorant individual to whom you are speaking.
Dear Attorney Fine,

Your point is well taken and I will consider your offer for a fair settlement. It is a pleasure working with you.


Attorney Mine
by SLM1213 December 11, 2013
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your ass stink #respectfullyđź’–

i don’t fwy #respectfully💖
by Nimaaa_ August 17, 2020
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