A term referring to a person, a place, or a thing; essentially something that exists.

Such nouns include:
*me (Dave)
*George W Bush
*Microsoft (the place)
*Nintendo (the place)
*Nintendo Gamecube
*Microsoft Xbox
*Sony Playstation 2
*The Pentagon
*US Army
*La-La Land
*Mushroom Kingdom
....among MANY others.

Supposedly this term also refers to sexual intercourse, as well as the word "verb" does too.
"Go noun yourself."
-me, if my knowledge of what "noun" now means serves me right
by Dave April 4, 2004
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a word used right after someone says "word". You say it to make them look dumb!
A: That movie was great huh?
B: word!
C: noun!
by Zib June 22, 2003
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verb: all-purpose word similar to usage of "smurf" in the tv show of the same name.
by colin February 24, 2004
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similar to ``plote`` that means a vagina or a slut!
Elle a une criss de grosse Noune épaisse!

M'à tu vu la noune!
by Hunter Laflèche April 21, 2005
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Word to designate the female reproductive system. Used only in the province of Quebec in Canada, by french-canadians. It's another way to say ''vagina'' but more childish.
Ouf! Tu pue de la noune!

Coudon la grosse, t'as donc ben la noune slack!

Doctor : Salut jeune fille dis moi ton probleme.

Fille : Je sais pas pourquoi, mais j'ai la noune qui me démange!
by jo69ker May 13, 2011
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The act of changing words that are not typically nouns into nouns.
Nouning is a verb, however in this sentence it is being portrayed as a noun.
by We Are Oranges January 16, 2015
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