The don, the best, the shit, the fuckin daddy, etc. The only one who runs shit.
by TheBossDon July 12, 2011
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Another word for a boss of a mafia family
The don ordered me to wack that punk on 51st street
by nuttin September 9, 2003
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A Don is someone who has an important presence in someone's life. A Don is also a brilliant, genius, and adorable young man who has a groupie. The groupie makes him birthday cards and comment about him on social networking sites. They also replace movie titles with his name. The Don enjoys the attention, of course.
Wow guise look at how amazing that Don is. We should start to follow him everywhere he goes.
by GirlinScarfwhichisGreen April 6, 2012
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An awesome and amazing guy you can always trust and all around great to be with. He is the best guy you will ever meet, but also can be very strange sometimes. He is always working hard and anybody would be lucky to have him in his life.
by JenrayDaRay September 20, 2019
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1. Head of any mafia crime family.
2. Dom Perignon. Expensive Champagne.
Often called 'Don' in the suburbs and hood as a joke that we don't know what it is.
3. 'The Don'. Is Sir Donald Bradman, the greatest ever cricketer. Averaged 99 runs per test innings.
1. "Fat Tony from the Simpsons is the Don of his crime family."
2. "I'll get a Jack and Coke and a Bottle of Don."
3. "Sadly 'The Don' died recently."
by Diego September 9, 2003
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A man who is very sexy and powerfull. This man can control the hearts of all women, while being caring and still sexy. A don is a guy that everyone wants to be like. He is not only sexy and muscular but amazing in bed aswell. He can rock anyone. Being a don is a talent that not everyone can achieve.
Chick 1: Did you see don last night?

Chick 2: of course, when we were having sex his muscles and sexiness were all over me.

Chicks 1 &2: we love don!!!
by AzA1882 March 21, 2011
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Funny. Charming. Deep eyes. Sexy and Intelligent. Handsome beyond words. Pulls you in like a magnet. Best kisser on Earth. Thoughtful. Voracious appetite, in every way. Loves bourbon and burgers. Makes primal sounds that stir the Chakras. A laugh that lights up the Universe. Keeper of the Panty Pyre.
Oh wow who is that? He’s electrifying.

That, is Don. Donny. D. Aka D-licious.D-lightful. D-Vour.
by Jazzhands🤗 December 6, 2018
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