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Tall, almost towering, large features, arms, legs. Beautiful heart. Kind, usually reserved about sharing his feelings. Although he is able to communicate well, he feels much more deeply than he speaks. Only those that are close to him will ever really know him. Will see 'it' through even if he is unhappy, his commitment unwavering. Will make many mistakes believing he has made a 'wise' choice. Realizes logic does not bring happiness. Falls in love only once, usually shocking (completely different upbringings) to him. When he does find her, he is relentless in his pursuit. However, it is not calculating, unconsciously he maneuvers his actions to allow himself to be with her. A strong, powerful force, a positive energy, other men are always questioning, "what's so great about Richard?". Spiritual leader. Excellent lover, very good with his entire body, making women fantasize about him regularly. A very thick, yummy kisser. Richard is a kind, good, lovely, beautiful, sweet, aggressive, sensitive man with a consecrated heart. Richard is super sexxy!
by his porcelain doll June 08, 2009
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A euphemism for dick, penis, cock, the D, sausage, etc.
A richard came to the richard fest with his richard in a box. A richard sucker opened the box, saw the richard and got richard envy.

Is a euphemism for:

A dick came to the sausage fest with his dick in a box. A cock sucker opened the box, saw the D and got penis envy.
by Don't Be A Richard September 27, 2014
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Nothing compares. Ladies drop their panties for you. Mr. Steal yo gurl. One of a kind. Lover and a fighter. Not one to mess with. Compassionate, loyal and loving. Get yourself a Richard.
He must be a Richard.

There is just something about Richard.
by Rich Vicious December 01, 2016
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He is amazing, caring, loving, and so cool. He is friends with everybody, and he cares for all of them to. He hardly gets annoyed,mad,or stressed out. He loves to hang out with his friends and his girlfriend and he is always there for his friends
Stranger: man he is the definition of richard

Dude: yeah his name is richard
by Lilcool October 21, 2017
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