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Dante. The most amazing person ever. When you meet him your heart will soar, and your eyes will pop out of your skull because this will be love at first sight. He will wait for you and chase you and once he gets you he will treat you like a princess. He will spend every waking minute texting or talking to you. He will take you out a lot and never let you pay for it. He will be loving and kind and do spontaneous things. When you think he couldnt get any better, he will then introduce you to his whole family. After his family loves you, he will then tell you how much you really mean to him and then tell you he loves you. Once you find a Dante, never EVER let him go.
Vimbai- Hey Morgan, how are things going with Dante?
Morgan- Oh you know how perfect he is.
Vimbai- Yeah he treats you like his very own princess.
Morgan- I know. He and I have been in love ever since we met on New Years Eve 2012/2013.
by davisonm1996 May 20, 2013
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1.) Author and protagonist of The Divine Comedy. Given tour of the afterlife by Virgil.
2.) Awesome half-demon badass from the Devil May Cry videogames. Has a now-dead brother named Virgil. Completely de-badassified and stripped of personality in the second game.
"Dude, did you play Devil May Cry 2?"
"Yeah. What happened to Dante's personality?"
by quiznosubsratfan March 10, 2004
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Two words:
HUGE PENIS. He is great in bed. Like he has something big in those pants. But he won't show it to any girl. He will wait till that one girl comes where she will be lucky enough to see it.
My penis is nine inches, I have a dante!
by Dodo bird October 09, 2013
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A guy whose name is the only cool part of him. He’s socially awkward and has never seen daylight. Has like 2 friends who are just like him. If you feed him enough conversation he will develop slightly better humor.
Woah, look it’s Dante! I haven’t seen him outside for years.
by GushingFireHydrant March 30, 2019
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