"Logan Paul is disrespectful"
"Jake Paul is disrespectful"
by gl0wcl0ud January 2, 2018
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The act of doing something that the next person may not agree with or feel comfortable with.
1. If you are out and you see an ex lover while with your new lover, and you hug for a very long time before introducing your new lover is very disrespectful.

2. Talking on the phone at three a.m. while at home with your lover straight out disrespectful.
by Broken Girl September 9, 2014
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in which someone leaves purposely leaves someone on read, or, ignores them.
Joe was very disrespectful by ignoring his mothers in family therapy😤😤
by rad_radar February 18, 2019
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This is a phrase to exclaim when a person is being overly disrespectful. If someone is being disrespectful, just say "the disrespect" and the God of karma will snatch them up and swallow them whole.
Katie: *smashes my phone*
Me: (shaking my head ) the disrespect...
by CarmenTheStripper March 25, 2019
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a phrase tacked on to the end of a sentence that has a mitigating effect on any horribly offensive content preceding it. Used mostly in New Jersey and surrounding areas.
"Your mother's a whore, no disrespect!"

"Your cooking tastes like dog shit, no disrespect!"

"Your daughter's a whore, no disrespect!"
by PseudoGuido October 30, 2009
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When someone makes you feel attacked by doing something
Jungkook in Airplane pt 2 was disrespectful
by your_pseudonym_hi May 30, 2018
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the act of putting someone down , trying to make them feel low, treating someone in a horrible manner, showing a person that they mean less than nothing to you, a hurtful act that is both rude and ignorant towards another persons feeling
name calling, putting someone down, trying to make someone else feel bad or sad or low, disrespectful
by thismeans February 9, 2010
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