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Male or female totty whose poshness is an essential part of the appeal e.g. well educated; mellifluous voice; charming classy manners; sophisticated conversation; expensive clothes; trendy address, etc.
"I've always been a push over for a bit of posh totty and couldn't resist the charms of Sebastian, the concert pianist. That silky voice and those smooth hands had my nether regions all a quiver in moments!"
by Witch of the West September 24, 2007

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A very sexy male or female person. An extra sexy piece of totty.
Whose IS that hot totty bending over in those tight jeans. Sure like to get her pussy juice pumping.
by Witch of the West September 24, 2007

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A skank who is beginning to wonder if men are just using her for sex.
Sceptic skank's thought bubble:
'I don't think Brad takes me seriously. He invited me to the ice hockey team party, but when I got on my back and let the all the guys bang my bitchmeat he just laughed!'
by Witch of the West September 24, 2007

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A skank with the pox or other sexually transmitted diseases.
That poxy-cunted septic skank gave me (and rest of the football team) the clap!
by Witch of the West September 24, 2007

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Very aptly named Italian football player, who is a real gorgeous piece of hot totty.

His team is A.S. Roma who won the FIFA World Cup in 2006.
Francesco Totti is hot totty! A cockilicious, bootilicious, cockproud slut fucker! Hail the God Totti!
by Witch of the West September 24, 2007

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One who burgles houses, or steals from other places, naked.

Sometimes done to avoid leaving evidence, but mainly just for the thrill of it.
Jack the naked burglar broke into the Smith's house, stole money and jewellery, had a wank and left.
by Witch of the West September 22, 2007

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Smoulderingly handsome actor and director, currently most well known for his role playing the character Nathan Petrelli in the TV series 'Heroes'.

Born April 30, 1965. His classy good looks and high intelligence come from his father, an Iranian surgeon and his mother, a German nurse and later an English teacher.

Got into acting following a near fatal car accident when he was 19 which destroyed a promising professional football career.

Married the highly intelligent and bravely outspoken musician Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks in 2000.

And he's got a very hot butt!
Adrian Pasdar is a perfect example of posh totty - classy, swarve, exotic, manly, intelligent, cockilicious, bootilicious.
by Witch of the West September 27, 2007

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