A new term thats spreading across the US like wildfire.
Information means marijuana, and to be informed means to be high.
guy 1: "Yo dude, wanna buy some information?"
guy 2: "No thanks man, Im already informed"
by agilman September 25, 2006
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This American is uninformed because they are to lazy to read the information.
by Hitler the Grammar NAZI April 3, 2016
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To dispense information, as coined by Harvard Professor Shoshana Zuboff.
"they'd rather speculate before they informate..." song: misunderstood lyrics by lil wayne
by millie05 June 22, 2008
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A person whom the government pay to snitch on people. Sometimes they work as double agents informing drug houses of a comming raid.
I got put in a cell with an informer.
by Photomagic3000 March 24, 2006
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An undercover agent. Usually in alliance with the cops. Informs about illegal activities.
Quavo: How da hell you got caught bruh

Takeoff: I copped from informants bruh
by The plug May 14, 2014
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To inform or give information to a person or group.
Hey, did you hear how Bob lost his job?
Wow really, that's news. Anything else?
Nope that's all that needs informanting.
by Frostbyte197 October 26, 2014
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A more proper way to say 'slang'.
UrbanDictionary.com was intended for words' informal uses, but the site now encompasses many more types of words.
by Diggity Monkeez May 21, 2005
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