Mild expletive. A North West of England term (esp. Lancashire) used similarly to the word "git"
Give us that back 'ere you cheeky get!
by DrGreyhound December 17, 2007
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Puerto Rican slang for a small house party

It is short for the english word get-together
Person 1: What are you doing this weekend?
Person 2: I’m going to Juan’s get on Saturday.
by lamamidetupapi August 20, 2019
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Vancouver local slang to tell a person to get fuck outta there. Extremely offensive. Don`t use it with strangers unless u wanna get into some serious fight.
- You moron, look what you did! Fuck off!
- Relax, it wasn`t too big a deal.
- Just get.
(guy leaves)
by L.Ana November 27, 2009
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a hook up, someone that your happy about, not a person you would deny having relations with.

A hookup that is a person cooler/hotter/better than you
"bro, gina was such a good get"
"no man, you were a get for her"
by the get machinee June 23, 2009
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To "get" something means to "understand" it.
"When Mary told that joke, did you get it?"
by Jason Forbes December 29, 2005
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The north eastern (UK) version of git.

A rather annoying person.
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