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Susie is beautiful and intelligent girl with a great personality and huge booty. She is funny and sweet and did I mention gorgeous? Every guy wants her but she only belongs to one guy.
I want Susie
by Mbadass17 May 23, 2017
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One of the coolest girls alive. Always fun to be around. Make great sisters and friends. Susies are usually funny, smart, nice and energetic. Crazy at times. Throws great parties and is overall one of the best. If you know one or have one as a sister consider yourself lucky!
Jimmy: Who's that awesome girl?
Fred: I don't know, she must be a susie.
by Greatest Lax Goalie Ever! February 24, 2011
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Susie is a nickname for a girl. This girl usally is hot as hell and a farmers daughter. She is a very religious person with an amazing personality. She works hard, but plays harder. She's the life of the party. She's also a total country girl. She loves getting dirty and shooting targets. She can shoot better then most guys can! Susies get called hicks, rednecks, etc. all the time. She's very kind hearted, but can talk a little dirty around her friends;) she is overall an amazing beautiful country girl!
by Jonathan.hannah December 11, 2012
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Susies are simply sweet. Girls with this name are classy, intelligent, adventurous, dreamers, hard working, selfless, driven, romantic and funny. Susies make the best guests because they're respectful of other peoples space.
mother to son: Your new girlfriend is really lovely. She even helped me cook dinner. She must be a Susie.
by ispeakthetruth3.14 February 11, 2012
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A petite blonde hair, blue eyed lolita.

She is a very religious, innocent girl who you will only ever get to kiss before you marry her.
Don't think you can fool Susie, she's not just a pretty face.
All the men want Susie.
Susie is the girl of my dreams, I wish I got her when I had the chance
Susie is the smartest blonde I know!
Susie is innocent and hard to get and that makes me want her.
by lovingsusie January 02, 2014
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A cheap date. A disgrace to Radford's mission statement. Freqent man straddler on the bar. Frequent dotcomrader. Master ghetto linguist. Tanorexic. Compulsive hair dyer. My other half. :)
"Yo B have you seen that sexy Susie running around the bar arresting people lately?

"You know Susie, the girl that can only handle 2 drinks and she's 3 sheets to the wind. Oh shit son."
by Amanda W P Q November 01, 2007
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A female who wants to be a man, so to prove herself, shes asks a bunch of guys to punch her in the face
come on im susie! HIT ME, HIT ME!!!
by jerk mehoff August 08, 2009
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