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A Whale Hunter is a sales person that go primarily after whales.
(Salesperson One): Dude, Jim only has two companies in his pipeline, wtf?!?
(Salesperson Two): I know, but they're both whales and it looks like one is closing soon. Jim is a true whale hunter.
by FQ_GFY February 3, 2020
Using corporate funds to visit a client that you really don't need to see. The real reason for visiting the client is to explore the area, visit a friend, try the food scene, or some other personal reason not associated with work. Your boss is unaware of your true motive and believes you are actually conducting work.
Salesperson 1: "Jim is going to Hawaii to visit his client next week."
Salesperson 2: "Bullshit. Jim's client there is tiny. That's just a boondoggle so he can surf all week. I bet he only goes to the office once."
by FQ_GFY February 11, 2020
In sales terms, a whale is a prospect that is significantly larger than an organization’s average customer.

Whales are large and extremely difficult to close. Due to their immense size, they are highly sought-after.

A whale is typically identified at first by a whale hunter on the sales team, but often requires cross-discipline participation in order to close; this includes assistance from operations, engineering, creative, client success, and business development teams.
"Shit...the sales director chewed me out on the sales call this morning. He's totally pissed that I have nothing in my pipeline. I've been focused on this one whale for so long that I haven't had time to prospect for normal-sized deals."
by FQ_GFY February 4, 2020