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A person who spend incredible amount of money in gacha type games which makes him/her ultra powerful and godlike.
Commonly used in many reddit mobile game /r.
"HOLY SHIT, I just got recked by that event boss, how can I pull out this?"
"I see, try to add this whale to your buddy, his UR unit with god tier gear can one shot anything in the game!"

"Did you see the new announcement? We have a nice offer coming next week and the girls are so cute! I'm gonna whale like a boss!"
by darkebiru November 11, 2016
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noun; a wealthy patron to a casino, gets paid special attention by a casino host so the patron will feel comfortable to gamble more money.
My whale just walked in. He is hosting the Ferrari convention downstairs.
by Crazybmws June 21, 2011
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A gambler who has the capacity to win and lose large sums of money in a casino.
Knowing their potential windfall, the casino caters to their whales.
by A-nony August 14, 2012
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a certain type of socialite who is renowned in bars and nightclubs for spending ridiculous amounts of money in one visit, often dropping tens of thousands of dollars in one night.

"Known in the industry (as they are in Vegas casinos) as "whales," this elite class of partyers pays from $20,000 to $100,000 a night to satisfy their every whim. That might mean bodyguards, protection from unwanted media attention or a steady stream of beautiful people ushered to their table." - LA Times
Mr. X would taunt the other whales at different tables, and they would go back and forth out-buying each other on who could spend the most on champagne. In the nightclub industry we call them champagne wars. Mr. X would order so many bottles that him and his guests would legitimately spray $1100 bottles of Aces of Spades and Dom.
by ladybasshead December 23, 2013
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A large American car, most likely from the '60s or '70s.
She drives a whale.
by hwinked January 19, 2004
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A large sea-dwelling mammal that has been mistaken for a fish in times past since they resemble fish in physical appearance. Whales are more closely related to hippopotomi and elephants than fish.
Whales are quite harmless unless provoked. They do occasionally cause truble to boats, but they're doing their own thing. They're not acting against human beings; humans have themselves to blame, not the animals. Everybody does their own thing.
by Lorelili March 05, 2005
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