A term of high respect and consolation used among (usually young) men. More personal and intense than simply bro. Likely arose as a logical reaction to young women referring to each other as queens.
A: My girlfriend just dumped me.
B: Hang in there, king. It'll get better.
by Cheesy on my Peeny February 18, 2020
King is a handsome young man, who's very charming,smart, full of life and will one day marry someone's beautiful daughter, he will BE rich and live happily ever after
King has a big dick ..... omg I know
Awe that guy is a real lady pleaser

Wow King is smart
Dad I want to be like king when I get older

King with that fuck a nigga
by King Zion December 23, 2016
a form of respect umongst peers, also can be seen as "everyone man is a king in his own right".

When someone greets you with king it's respect to reply back with king.
My comrade greeted me with... "peace king".
by L.U.M.P August 4, 2005
A ruler of a country a Malesor.
Bitch1:Aint that the king?
Bitch2: No you gotta be a Malesor to become a king.
Bitch1: Oh aint that some shit.
by Bugaloo November 17, 2006
The one all the girl's love, The man all the girls want to have a baby with.
Body on point, booty on point, you just want to fuck him.
fuck me king
by xxFootball08xx December 30, 2016
adj.) (1) having or showing a generous nature (2) revealing a truly bad-ass nature
I just moved to Chicago, and my friend invited me to Thanksgiving dinner. That was so totally king.
by smoorecrux December 2, 2009