Cali term meaning to pick someone or some people up.
Yeh, aightz bro! I'm down for that shit! You want me to SCOOP you up?
by Joshiro007 February 16, 2003
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when you cup your hand put at the bottom of the chest and lift up. Usually males do this to males, in a non-homosexual way, or girls can do it guys, but if a male were ever to think of doing it to a girl, make sure you have their permission. You will be prosecuted for sexual harassment without their consent.
Many variations of scooping, including the back scoop, the clamp scoop, the scoop-scoop-double-scoop, the scoop windmill, the scissor scoop, the pet scoop, the voulentary scoop, the super scoop, and many other variations.
by Armando Jesus Martinez March 4, 2004
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Pint. Always used in the plural.
Headin' out for a few scoops tonight?
by Clarkekentyboy May 9, 2009
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to get an exclusive on a story, or to publish a story before another source has had an opportunity to do so. Usually used in the newspaper business
JJ was able to scoop the competition on Spiderman's expolits because Peter Parker always had photos.
by pebbles03 July 30, 2006
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To stop by someone's house and pick them up.
We're thinking we'll scoop you around 7, dawg.
by Seymouriarty July 6, 2006
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Slang term for GHB, an illegal drug.
Overheard in the classroom: "I know what you about to do tonight... scoop!"
by The M Rock December 26, 2011
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