Cali term meaning to pick someone or some people up.
Yeh, aightz bro! I'm down for that shit! You want me to SCOOP you up?
by Joshiro007 February 16, 2003
when you cup your hand put at the bottom of the chest and lift up. Usually males do this to males, in a non-homosexual way, or girls can do it guys, but if a male were ever to think of doing it to a girl, make sure you have their permission. You will be prosecuted for sexual harassment without their consent.
Many variations of scooping, including the back scoop, the clamp scoop, the scoop-scoop-double-scoop, the scoop windmill, the scissor scoop, the pet scoop, the voulentary scoop, the super scoop, and many other variations.
by Armando Jesus Martinez March 4, 2004
Pint. Always used in the plural.
Headin' out for a few scoops tonight?
by Clarkekentyboy May 9, 2009
to get an exclusive on a story, or to publish a story before another source has had an opportunity to do so. Usually used in the newspaper business
JJ was able to scoop the competition on Spiderman's expolits because Peter Parker always had photos.
by pebbles03 July 30, 2006
To stop by someone's house and pick them up.
We're thinking we'll scoop you around 7, dawg.
by Seymouriarty July 6, 2006
Derogatory equivalent of "chink" for Western eyes from Eastern perspective. The eyes are so deeply indented that that area looks scooped out using an ice cream scoop perhaps as God made Man with clay.

What's that saying in church..... God made Blacks because He fell asleep during cooking and accidentally overcooked them in the oven. Hence so much turmoil and tribulation throughout Black history as if God abandoned them. God made Whites because He got impatient and undercooked them. That's why Whites have stereotypical superiority complex - a way to overcompensate for inadequacies i.e. being undercooked. God made Asians because He cooked them just right - was attentive during cooking. That's why they're stereotypically wise beyond their years - fully developed. When a kid comes from loving parents/God, there's no need to strive to impress others or to push yourself; you're happy and content where you are. Turtling becomes your nature. Instead of conquering the world like British Empire to overcompensate for being undercooked, you focus on leisure activities such as fireworks and printing press because you already have everything in your Middle Kingdom.

Scoop: like Scooby Doo's big nose - stereotypical Western nose.

Also, synonym for "spook" since Whites are so pale that they look dead like walking corpses or ghosts.

What Whites call Blacks in America are what Chinese call Whites in China: spooks/ghosts, monkeys etc. Monkeys in China have yellow fur or blond hair.
Person 1: Hey Chinkie
Person 2: Hey Scoopie
Person 1: What's cracking?
Person 2: Your skin, under the sun, for being undercooked. Don't blame me. Blame God, the master chef.

Who's that scoop who thinks he's azn? The boy is as white as they cum.

Vampires are white people because their skin burns in daylight.
Werewolves are black people because like in the films/books, they're animalistic and enslaved by vampires.
Humans are Asians.
by ScoopSpookedScoobyDoo November 26, 2011