A dodgy cretin that hangs around children
Oi you see that guy over there bet his names Phil
by Big Joe Alcock October 28, 2020
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Pullin a Phil is when you're too ugly to get a woman so you settle for a crossdresser when you're drunk
Mike: im not gay plus i was drunk, plus they're non gender conformed so technically its not a man or a woman nanana
Jason: Sounds like you're pullin a phil
by BoyScoutsOfAmerica July 21, 2022
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A big big loser who has fetishes for his dad wearing pink/leapord skin speedos.
by Jessi Lou Poo August 26, 2008
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Very popular in high school, gets all the ladies but tends to have sex with all the older girls.

Always on some type of drug, usually a phil might be shy but he carries a big package below.

Warning - Phil's have a very high sex drive and will fuck anything, so be prepared.
John "Yo that kids got a big dick"

Matt: "Yeah he must have some Phil in him"
by Marissa Mc. December 18, 2009
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A God among men. Phil is all-knowing. Don't question his powers. He is often seen sporting a large brass instrument and wearing a purple tanktop.
I just won the lottery, Im such a Phil.
by PFerguson July 25, 2010
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Ray of sunshine. Too pure for this world. Somehow adorable and sexy at the same time.
Dan: See that guy over there?
Emilia: Yea?
Dan: You could literally photosynthesize off of him.
Emilia: Whats his name?
Dan: Phil.
by dbdhdbdjdn November 3, 2015
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tall, blonde, cute, shy. doesnt really know how to flirt, but indirectly lets a girl know he likes her. likes blondes. has a good sense of humor. likes to buy a lot of sunglasses. wont hug the girl he likes cuz he thinks it might be awkward. indirectly adorable. likes girls with a name beginning with A.

and trust me. i am a psychologist, and 78% of men named phil fit this category. ladies, do not give up on a guy named phil. give him time. he will come to you eventually :)
Phil likes her!
How can you tell?
He always smiles around her!
by chocoholicpsychologist<3 July 1, 2010
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