the thing that belongs to you which I have right now
I have your attention
by kwang May 21, 2003
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slag termanology for a 10 sack of marijuana
Playa let me get attention so i can get keyed
by Bubba January 23, 2004
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Looking up your name on Urban Dictionary and posting it on your snap story to show your "personality"
Yesterday Becky posted something looking for attention.
by Yee Yee Definitions May 8, 2018
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When someone is paying complete attention to a person or object
Your mom/dad is talking and you truly listen you are being attentive
by Weston underwood April 6, 2016
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To pay attention to: to be courteous or attentive to; to wait upon as a lover; to court.
He paid attention to her needs, so she married him.
Pay attention to me!
by Lady Amalthea May 28, 2009
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Something females need more than love , self worth, achievement, knowledge, ect...
Bitch cant stand me playing xbox. She wants ALL my attention.
by Phantom649 June 4, 2019
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Is everyone paying attention?
Hym "You seeing this guy? You paying attention? He refuses to accept and answer that isn't "You're trying to game the system. At ratchet yourself up to a status you do deserve." Wrong. If I'm the prerequisite text for the the Joker (I had someone shout TJ out the window at me the other day), Goblin slayer, Platinum End, Jujutsu Kaisen (both of which you're included in your peripheral association to me and one of which you're portrayed as the obsessed narcissist you actually are) then THAT is the status I deserve. Because I am that and in being that I meet the criteria for creative achievement IN YOUR OWN WORDS. And I don't mean narcissistic in the modern sense (because now it's used as more of a buzz term for "people who don't behave in congruence with my worldview"). I mean it's an actual observable behavior. So observable that even someone half way across the globe can see it."
by Hym Iam September 8, 2022
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