Dopamine agonist for males between the ages of 14 and 89. The prevalence of this disorder is speading to include females between 12 and 40 who claim to be 22 and busty. All who are affected by FF Syndrome must have 6 of the following symptoms for at least 3 months to have a valid diagnosis:
1.) Interpersonal problems- partners leaving, missed parties, absenteeism at major family gatherings
2.) Neglect of personal hygiene to sustain level or 'party'
3.) Spending over one hour per day at play
4.) In severe scenarios, spending 4-40 hours straight at play
5.) Missing school or work to play
6.) Professional sanctions because of play
7.) Spending more money on game than other significant needs such as food, hygiene, medicine, or childcare
8.) Emotional distress based on illusion that FF Syndrome's characters and losses are real life

If you suspect that you or someone you care about has FF Syndrome, there is help. Sufferers of FF Syndrome should save the money he or she was going to get on the faster mother board and graphics. He or she should then shower, brush teeth, put on clean clothing (run laundry first if needed), and call and apologize to family/significant other/friends. Next, call the mental health service number on the back of his or her HMO card if applicable. If not, get in touch with your local FIAA and ask for Mental Health Medicaid. Gaming is a treatable addiction, do not be afraid to get help.
Jason plays final fantasy 17 hours a day. Jason's office reaks of body odor and has not been cleaned in several weeks. His friends and mother have called but he has not answered on account of his parties. He is considering working for final fantasy instead of at his job selling houses. Because of FF Syndrome, Jason has been late and absent from work several times. Jason fasts, not for religious reasons, but to play more final fantasy. When Jason does contact former friends, it is to tell them about his new graphic system and his cool gear he earned with FF. These situations have been occuring for the past five years.
by Zerrubabel November 12, 2007
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A one-man band brought to you by the genius that is Owen Pallett. He also does string arrangements for The Arcade Fire. His solo project, dubbed Final Fantasy, consists of him looping and playing his violin and singing. He currently has two full albums out ("Has A Good Home" and "He Poos Clouds") and one EP ("Young Canadian Mothers").

(He named himself after the popular videogame of the same name.)
by Holly G. April 27, 2006
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1.A game invented by God himself!
2.Something that has and will cause me and you to lose years of our lives. (I've gotta be reaching hour 1,000 now...)
3. An object that allows reality to disappear
4. A substitute to "the plug" in a hospital. (As in "They had to pull the plug") Going too long without it can kill you, yet you can live on it alone.
1. And on the 8th day, God created Final Fantasy!
2,3 and 4. You: Dude, you're not looking too good.
FF fanboy (me): Huh? *in a daze, smelly, dirty, confused* Where am I? Who are you?
You: You haven't said a word in 14 years... You've been locked up in your room this whole time...
Me: Oh... wow... Well, at least now we don't have to worry about Sephiroth and Seymour and Vayne teaming up and destroying the world.
You: What?
Me: You know.. Because I killed them...
You: Are you ok?
Me: Oh... I..m.... fi.,ne... *dies*
by OurGorship April 05, 2008
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A never ending euphoria, with many sequels that induce multiple orgasms.
Dood, when Final Fantasy 13 comes out I might as well come...
by Jawshwa October 11, 2008
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The best video game series in creation EVER!!! Started by Squaresoft in the late 80's, its is called 'Final' because it was originally supposed to be the last game ever made by the company. But it kicked too much ass, so they kept going, and going, and going. Gettin better every damn day
by Darbz March 02, 2005
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Popular video game series developed by Japanese company Square--originated sometime in the early nineties; worshipped by pre-teens who consider the games to have meaningful stories and compelling characters; used by Square company to generate megabucks.
Guy #1: Dude, Final Fantasy 34 is releasing next year.
Guy #2: I still haven't finished Final Fantasy 29.

"Final Fantasy" + "#" = SUCCESS

by synce September 18, 2005
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A famous JRPG series created by SquareSoft now known as SquareEnix. The reason why it had the "final" because it SquareSoft's last game before the first Final Fantasy became a success. The series has some of the greatest games created. However, the diversity in the FF series with each new installment created the most divided fanbase that rivals Smash Bros. Hardcore and Casual wars
Person: I think FF13 is one of my all time favorite games ever.
Other Person: You should ashamed of yourself for liking that disaster of a game. It shouldn't deserve the Final Fantasy brand. The plots dumb, the battle system is boring, and the game is LINEAR......
Another Person: Well I think FF 9 is better.
by A Random Gamer December 26, 2014
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