A controversial and highly popular group of delinquent's who aspire to become the largest and most feared (criminal) organisation of our time, based in swansea wales. XII (12) denotes the number of members within the group. (unnamed), the "leader" is rumoured to be involved in 90% of "above board" criminal activities in the region since 1998. Although with numerous prior convictions, swansea west police department are yet to have enough evidence to hold a conviction, or even keep (unnamed) longer than a day in custordy. Please post here with any information you may have on the aformentioned.
XII labelled thier emblum on every bus stop and phone box in swansea one night, and had them all removed the following night. it was a strange yet effective show of power.
by Xzi June 01, 2003
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his name is mark bayley and he lives in ash grove in gorsienon
by dayman June 24, 2003
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in welsh they call him trefol dameg and i know who he really is
by Gates81 August 16, 2003
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They are a fellowship bonded by the music they create. Their variety of sounds is wide, but most notable are their heavily distorted seven and twelve string guitars, their double-bass-drum-double-pedal configuration, and their heavily distorted five-string bass. The current XII is working to achieve what their ancestors and predecessors of the future could not, and to build up to that level of musical perfection.
XII is the fiber within your very soul, the virbrating cord withing your entity that provides the sweet music of life.
by detranova December 02, 2003
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XII must be some kind of weirdo's that think it's fun to watch people scream out in pain? i don't like those kind of people. they should be put down, they are all ruining our countries. Couuptting childrens minds.
OMG, i saw a person from XII yesterday!

what did you do?

I stabbed him in the back of the head, shoved my penis ins there and watched him bleed internally.

good work, you did it for our world.
by living_end June 02, 2003
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King of sweden from 1682-1718. Became king at 15 and fought Denmark-Norway, Saxony-poland-lithuania, and russia. well liked by his troops and felt he had power from god, but was killed by a bullet to the head on a scouting mission.
Main focus of Sabaton album carolus rex
Charles XII is not even gay
by Darthbubbaaa July 12, 2018
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Possible the worst gaming group in the world

Led by Ryan 'CoDMaster' Danisavage

Internet 'Pedophile69er' Man
Ryan " I just had my editor post another queer CoD video with a flashing sky to my my xii clan channel"
Everyone Else "Ryan no one cares you suck"
by Steel64 May 27, 2011
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