Use this expression with some news you´re sure that will surprise the other person.
Haven´t you seen the game?! The Dodgers won, no less!
by guilherme lima November 16, 2007
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You are all wrong.
Less means "bet" or "ok"
Mom: I'll bet there in a little bit
Son: Less
by tooskilledphil March 6, 2017
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A word used to describe the word Let's but in an extremely thug-like way.
Less go Cardinals!

Less go. Show me the biggest doo in the room!
by Thuglife314 April 1, 2011
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A contraction of "Let's See". Can be used as either street slang, or internet slang. Also spelt "Lessee".
Uber-1337 version would be 13553, although this is not commonly used.
You want a download from FilePlanet? Lesse what I can find...
by Avatar May 27, 2003
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another word for “say less” or “say no more”, meaning you fully understood and/or in agreement with what’s being said
Yo bro we out to game on friday?”
by IntellectualAvel February 28, 2020
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Karen was being so less today by bringing a $5 bottle of wine to this dinner party
by Don't be extra be less March 24, 2018
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Less should be used as an antonym to mo'. When one needs to emphasize someone's dislike, distaste, or displeasure in terms of something. Mo and less are best when used in close proximity.

If one is using less by itself, as in -- "Less!" it means "Man, that's so lame!!"
I less want to go to class today, because I mo' need to sleep off this hangover.
by BSC student November 17, 2007
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