Another extremely addictive online game just like Diablo II only this one even has a warning to it "Do not let this game interfere with your social life" but obviosly people seem to ignore it it takes up all of most peoples waking hours missing school and work just to play: also see Diablo II
Joe: Where has ben been for the last month he hasnt been in school at all
Jeff: Remember he started playing final fantasy XI again hes almost up to 3 months online thats a fucking lot of hours
Dan: Just think of it as if he's dead cause we'll never see him again
by opinionated person May 15, 2005
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even more addictive than evercrack, also quite possibly the best MMORPG ever... made me go from going to sleep at 2am to going to sleep at 1pm... highly addictive stuff.....
Tom: hey Jerry, when u comin over?
Jerry: ill be over in like 15 mins, i just need ot level up my Dragoon 1 more level
Tom: k...

.....4 hours later

Tom: Jerry, its been 4 hours...
Jerry: dont worry, im almost done...

.....4 hours later

Tom: Jerry..... its been 8 hours....
Jerry: dont worry Tom, im almost done.....
by Sepphiroth July 6, 2004
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Truly one of the best, most unique MMORPGs
ever. If somebody calls it overrated,
they are. The installing does take a very
long time, but it is so worth it.
Otherwise known as FFXI or FF11, it's the 11th Final Fantasy game, and the first online one.
First guy: Hey, played Final Fantasy XI lately?

Second guy: Oh yeah, I finally got level 30!
by SilusW April 5, 2005
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Now for something other than just classes. A look at the pros and cons of Final Fantasy XI.

1)A very large, yet managable world. With very managable methods of transportation which include the Boat, the Air ship, The Chocobo, and of coarse on foot.
2)The replay value is great, no need to make a new character ever. With the built in change job function that Final Fantasy XI has incorperated. If you realised that you did not like the job you chose. You are able to switch your job to a new one. And if you think you liked your old one better, switch right back and keep going from where you left off.
3)Trading system, that is one of the best pros of Final Fantasy XI.... with the auction house, you can sell, or buy anything you want. With there being 5k+ characters per server, never worry about your items not selling or not finding the item you want. There will always be someone needing something you have. And you vise versa.
4)There are so many Weapons, armor, and such to pick from you will always find a way to be unique.
5)If your tired of fighting and doing the same thing over and over agian, try crafting out for a change. Make your own armors or weapons, even jewlery for + to you stats. It is a very profitable endevor if you ask me.

1)The weather effects need some work, day and night are to obvious. Youll never see rain, and the water could use some work :/
2)I wish you could swim... it would help, you cant swim or jump.... you learn yo live with it.
3)Making money is hard if your not a theif.... so you have to work hard to get what you want.
4)There needs to be more skills for some classes.

Other than that.... the game is great.
I wish there werent any cons to Final Fantasy XI, :/, oh well check the game out and have fun.
by Ezekiel January 22, 2004
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Possibly the most genius of all of Square Soft's erhem..... excuse me.. Square Enix's works. This game takes little bits and peices of all the other FF's and puts them into one ultimate online experience. Play as a valient warrior, the mysterious Black or White mage, mix the two and play as a Red mage, be a low down dirt bag and go Theif, or thrash your enemies with your fists as the Monk. Unlock new classes and make the expirience even more worth while. Play with your friends.... make new friends.... play solo.... you name it. For more information on Final Fantasy 11 visit and go to the USA link part.
If you would like to play Final Fantasy 11.... I suggest you join the Valefor server to play with all the other cool people. Ask me for a world pass...
Valefor Server
Name: Ezeekiel
by Ezekiel January 20, 2004
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I have advice for anyone who has ever, or may ever consider complaining about World of Warcraft for ANY reason: Play FFXI for a month. I guarantee, that by the time you've finished, being raped out of your time and dignity by this pathetic excuse for a game, you'll go back to WOW, with the constant assurance that, no matter how bad it gets, well at least it ain't FFXI! It's like leaving America and coming back with a renewed appreciation for what we have. At least the police here don't beat me for chewing gum!

This game is the ultimate example of the Asian roleplaying mentality: That, change is scary and actually presenting a game that simulates roleplaying is far less impressive, than watching the same asymmetrical outfit wearing clown in an anime movie, pockmarked with menu selections.
Beat the same stupid setup until time ends. Grind, grind and grind to fight a big monster every other month, so you can get gear to grind again for better gear, to grind for better gear, so you can grind for better gear to fight a big monster that takes 18+ hours to kill. Where'd the fucking "role playing" go?

The latest contradiction to the pre-game warning to not let FFXI interfere with your life, manifests at the apex of Sage Sundi and his team's remedial game design philosophy, in the form of Pandemonium Warden, a non-instanced boss that apparently is designed to take over 18 hours to kill.

These assholes have no business making mmo's. Their game appeals to people who want absolutely NOTHING more from an MMO than grinding pathetically designed mobs with unforgivably unbalanced characters -that they devs admit to caring little to maintain the balance of- after overly long travel, that follows waiting for 5 other people, with the exact right job combo, who are also within 2 levels of each other and, proceed to do nothing more than activities that other MMO's decided wasn't important enough to require a huge production to accomplish.

All these fancy requirements and the game looks like shit. Bland character designs, washed out Earth tones everywhere. The fuckers are so lazy that you literally use a new weapon every 5 levels or so (if you can actually afford to pay thousands for a piece of beginner armor) and the shit looks the same minus a palette swap for the first 30 levels.

EVERYTHING takes a long time, because it keeps the sheep playing longer. Simply, because the goal is placed further away, rather than simply being challenging or providing quality varied content. This has made the players arrogant to the point of comedy.
It's more rewarding? Bullshit! Walking, instead of driving, a long way to taco bell, while dodging falling rocks when you don't have to, doesn't make the chili-motherfucking-burrito taste any better you nutsack! You just beat yourself over the head to get it when a sane person would have been eating hours ago.
Life is full of things designed exclusively to kick your ass. You don't need to pay for a game to simulate the same feeling, as a homework assignment or, the non-stop action of waiting for a bus. I'm surprised this game doesn't have a DMV. It's like fucking homework.

You wouldn't punch yourself in the eye to make a staring contest more challenging, why the fuck would you need a rabbit to have a billion HP just to make you feel like you haven't pissed away the last hour fighting enemies -that wouldn't even be considered mobs in other games- with an entire party! That doesn't make the game hardcore, it makes it retarded. Anyone.
ANY. ONE. Can do that. Anyone can simply up the stats on stupid animals to boss caliber. Most choose not to, on account of it being absolutely stupid.

Mobs can hit me from 30 yards away while I run and don't leash? Up yours.
Crafting failures result in wasted materials? Sit and spin.
Auction house is just guessing the selling price and paying exactly what you guess if you win even if it's way too much? Get bent.
20 minute boat rides? Fuck you.
Stores that close? Kiss my dick.
Half the classes are useless? Fuck me!
Only three classes can solo with any reasonable progress? Go to Hell.
Food can't be bothered to tell you what it does before you eat it? Piss off.
Death shaves off 10% xp? Losing hours and hours of already boring work makes me want punch you pricks so hard, time would end.
Chocobo raising is the only way to get a mount? Thanks! After blindly fumbling through the Square-typically, uninformed, drawn-out process of paying 4000gil for each carrot I feed my bird, I now have a whistle -with charges- to summon my mount and when it runs out, I can pay more money to fill it up.

Fuck you fanboys, I'm not pissing away my time paying a greedy, underhanded company to have a game punish me till endgame. Take your dynamis and sky and fuck else and shove it far up your ass. WOW is fun from the get go. End game isn't even fun:

I want to iavoid/i competing with 50 other 75th level parties for the single 24 hour boss spawn so I can try for a <1% drop...only to have a another party out "provoke" us,
not go out of my way to experience that bullshit day after day.

Sage Sundi, has created some great concepts and then immediately fucked each and every motherfucking one up, with needless bullshit that only appeals to kids who have no responsibilities and tons of free time, that hate to have to make choices in RPG's. "All WOW players can solo. So I figure, since Square has beaten it into my brain that only one method of play is possible, I assume you HAVE to solo. Choice? What the Hell is that? Quests? Story should be delegated to nonsensical cut-scenes. I'd rather grind monsters in a forest for no apparent reason with my selection of maybe 3 attacks with huge cooldown times...then brag about how the story is such a draw."

Anyone who tells you this game gets better at 30 is a fucking liar. It's the same fucking shit. Only, the number of classes you can get away with in parties is almost halved. Yippee! I can't wait to be shunned by more people for picking a class I like.

Why design a game to be fun and ride on it's own merits? When you can ride the Final Fantasy name to success with a tired, broken systems that will never get fixed, just added to. New classes? Like puppet master? I can't wait for another class that the player base is too chicken-shitted to allow into their parties or, a new area full of fights that are ten times as grating only to win rewards that are some how 5 times worse than the prizes three expansions ago!

Square can now shit in the fanboys' hands and, the fuckers will thank them for it.

Fuck this game.
Ninja act as tanks in Final Fantasy XI

by FlowersInMidgar3 August 25, 2008
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See Punishment
In all seriousness if you do play this game you better try to make some money out of it like the gil sellers do, otherwise don't bother playing this game. Its one big grind. For everything. ITs all a huge time sink. You can try to solo. Hell I did it with my Bard with no problems. But I used BRD/THF and people laughed. Thought it was funny. higher lvl brds were so elitist it was ridiculious. AfterI discovered that endgame sucked. I stopped playing. IT was exactly around the time I was a senior in highschool back in 2005. Point is. I started living in real life, and if this game taught me something is that real life is better than this game itself. As I've always left this game with a HUGE fucking headache.

Now I live in Japan and sinc eI moved here Japan reminds me of FFXI. Everything takes forever and you can't do things on your own. PRetty much SE made a stimulation of Japanese life to make sure we know, but instead we get to pay :D.

BTW shit is expensive in Japan just like FFXI.

Final Fantasy XI
avoid this game at all cost.
Final Fantasy XI
by lordblazer January 2, 2009
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