A male name originating from: Ram's Island
He's the most adorable caring person ever. He has really big brown eyes and cute lips that continue to make really funny mistakes. He can be over-protective out of care and love for you. Though he is insecure, he has no reason to be, because he is the sweetest most wonderful human being alive. (After Alice Cooper)

Can be nicknamed Ramram, killer of Sarah Qawasmeh. (Hebrew Reference).
Girl 1: That boy is so adorable! When he was presenting he kept his head down, he's so shy!
Girl 2: Back off! I love a Ramsey!

Boy 1: Man did you see that Ramsey kid?
Boy 2: Yeah, what a funny guy!

Mallory: How's your boo?

Sarah: Oh Ramsey? He's good, I love him so much.
by Sarah.6464 April 3, 2013
In the UK Ramsey is a slang term for a knife. Its used mainly ok the street and in schools as a joke.
A1 dimz - Shut your mouth or ill whip out the Ramsey and chef you up.
by A1 dimz February 6, 2018
heroic, beastly, monstrous, genious, funny, pimpdog, chickmagnet, great guy, strong man.
You only wish you could be like Ramsey.
by Argggghh April 20, 2009
An utterly sophisticated male with an incredible deal of superiority and sovereignty. Usually this man of brilliance is also a walking encyclopaedia ranking similar to God in power
by SEANSMELLSBAD May 8, 2019
A quiet guy that once you know him will prove otherwise. And he’s hung like a rhino lmao
Ya I have a new boyfriend! He’s a ramsey
by Swimfordayz March 31, 2018
A loving kind person, who also gets pissed off easy, vulgar when mad but friendly as long as you arent mean to her, animal person and loves drama.
Ramsey is beautiful
by LoVeRwHoIsDePrEsSeD April 22, 2019