Yuna is usually funny and nice. Gets angry at some times but probably has a good reason to. Yuna is strong, shy at first, and loves to hang out with friends. Yuna is beautiful and sexy as they grow up. Yuna usually fears being embarrassed and shows it very easily. Yuna is not scared to show how they feel. If you have a Yuna in your life, she must really care about you! Yuna is very easily forgiving and hates to be in fights with friends! Treat a Yuna right. If a Yuna doesn’t like you, there is probably a good reason for her not to.
by sunshineeeee December 12, 2021
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Lead Dancer and Visual of popular South Korean girl group, Itzy
Yuna is so beautiful. I can’t believe she’s only 16
by PAA Junior Actor July 8, 2020
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One of the gayest members in Itzy.Is talented beautiful and nations visual.She is also the 4th gen visual and is member of one of the fruitiest groups Itzy
(She’s a minor at the moment)
‘Yuna is amazing,beautiful and talented
by ItzyChaeYunaLiaRyujinYeji August 14, 2021
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Well fuck off.... She loves ducks and is kinda the type of having a mental illness.

She is respectful but at the other hand, way to attached to bootys .... That's why she always gets in trouble with some man's chick because she is watching her man's booty.

F for her because she is just trying to love the character of a person as much as she loves their bootys...
Hahahah look he/she is such a Yuna.
by nononononohomo November 23, 2021
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A central character of both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 (also makes a cameo in Kingdom Hearts 2). She lived as a Summoner on Besaid, then left with Tidus, along with her other Guardians, including Lulu, Rikku, Kimahri, and Auron and eventually initiated the Final Summoning to banish Sin. Normally, a summoner doesn't survive this, but Tidus was killed in her place. Also, Sin is not banished for the normal 10-year period know as a "Calm", but is banished forever, making Yuna famous as the High Summoner who brought about the "Eternal Calm". In the next installment, Yuna is a Gunner with Rikku and Paine as part of the Gullwings. She is troubled by Tidus and refuses to believe he is dead. In KH2 she is a Heartless spy for Maleficent and eventually gives you the Gullwing keyblade.
Yuna (after changing to Gunner dressphere): Resistance is futile!
by lishenlong61 June 12, 2006
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Yuna is slang for a house trained turtle. Often, these turtles will grow to an ASTOUNDING half a foot.
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