Acronym: Computer Role Playing Game

Adaptation of the pen and paper RPG to the Computer. The first two major CRPGs were Ultima and Wizardry. The genre has since evolved with its own conventions separate from the pen and paper game but at the same time still drawing influence from the source material. Many sub-genres and splinter genres have been established such as rogue-likes, MUDs, Action RPGs, JRPGs, and MMORPGs

Misnomer: CRPGs today are not necessarily exclusive to the Computer and have expanded to console platforms more and more since the first Xbox. The term "Western RPG" has been used to show distinction from the popular JRPGs in the console space.
Early era CRPGs: Ultima , Wizardry, Wasteland, Might and Magic
90's era CRPGs: Darklands, Fallout, Baldur's Gate
Modern CRPGs: Knights of the Old Republic, Neverwinter Nights 2, The Witcher
by roguefrog July 10, 2009
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Acronym: "Classical" Role Playing Game

A subgenre of videogames, which closely resemble MUDs and pen-and-paper roleplaying.
Usually controlling a whole party instead of a single char, strategic visual and pausing.

Well-known titles:
Neverwinter Nights series
Baldur's Gate series
KOTOR series
Dragon Age Series
Icewind Dale
Pillars of Eternity
"Modern RPG are mostly action games with RPG elements, cRPGs are dead" - typical 30-40aged pc gamer
by mmoornotmmo April 9, 2016
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Some deservedly famous CRPG's include the Baldur's Gate series and the Final Fantasy games.
by toolio July 31, 2003
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